Miscellaneous Cruises

There are literally dozens of popular theme cruises on the market today as well as different types of miscellaneous cruises. Miscellaneous cruises can fall into any of the five major, but broad, cruise categories including: family cruises, freestyle, sailing or river cruises, short cruises and traditional cruises.

Family cruises are some of the most popular and profitable cruises in the industry today. Cruise lines such as Carnival and Disney currently lead the pack when it comes to providing the ultimate family cruise vacation. Rock climbing, ice-skating, kid shows, group activities for kids and education programs are just a few activities these cruise lines offer.

Freestyle cruises are perfect for people who prefer to dress down and dine whenever they please. On traditional cruises, dress codes and schedules are the norm, but with freestyle cruises, passengers can relax and little to no restrictions.

The great thing about sailboat cruises and riverboat cruises is the ships are small, so they can visit places the bigger ships cannot. In addition, sailboat cruises put the passenger closer to nature, sights and marine life (depending on destination).

The environment on sailboat cruises is usually laid back, intimate and just as comfortable with regard to amenities and accommodations, as the larger ships.

Short cruises are perfect for passengers that are well, short on time. Some of the shortest cruises on the market today are roughly 5-7 days, but even shorter are weekend cruises. If all you can spare is a weekend, then two-day short cruises are the perfect choice for you. Keep in mind that weekend cruise rates tend to be higher than weekly rates, but it’s well worth it if a weekend away is all your schedule will allow.

Traditional cruises are perfect for people that prefer to dress to the nines and rub elbows with a more “conservative� set. Dinner on a traditional cruise is a formal event where men are dressed in tuxedos and women wear cocktail dresses. During the day, dressier attire is the norm as well, meaning you won’t see too many tank tops, jean shirts or sweat pants.

If you just want to cruise, there’s no need to pick a theme, but you will have to decide which type of miscellaneous cruise you’re interested in. Whether it’s a traditional or freestyle cruise, a sailboat cruise or a short cruise, the best place to begin the booking process is with a cruise travel agent.

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