MSC Fantasia

MSC Fantasia is the largest ship in MSC Cruise Line’s fleet. It’s the flagship vessel from MSC and the flagship in the line’s Fantasy Class. If you’re thinking about taking a cruise on a luxury ocean liner, to an exciting destination in the Mediterranean, consider doing it aboard MSC Fantasia.

The Ship

From the moment you step foot on MSC Fantasia, you’re surrounded by elegance. Many passengers, when they first board the ship, like to take a walk down the ship’s magical Swarovski-crystal staircase, which sparkles brilliantly underneath a transparent ceiling in the lobby.

MSC Fantasia is an Italian beauty that features many fantastic features, such as glass walls throughout that offer dozens of opportunities to soak in incredible views. MSC Fantasia is a ship that offers luxurious staterooms, many opulent public spaces, and fun gathering areas like the special observation lounge.

The Itineraries

Take a cruise on MSC Fantasia and you’ll be sailing to stunning destinations like Marseille, Barcelona, Genoa, Naples, and Palermo. This ocean liner lets you fulfill many fantasies by exploring thrilling and magician locales on short getaways or long vacation cruises.


Dining on MSC Fantasia is an extraordinary experience. The ship’s restaurants are just as gorgeous as the guest rooms and public areas. For a treat, we recommend Red Velvet, which is a dinner destination that offers red velvet-cushioned chairs and Murano glass chandeliers as décor for a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. Also on MSC Fantasia, you have restaurants like Il Cercho d’ Oro, El Sombrero, and La Cantina to enjoy meals in.

Bars and Clubs

If you want to spend a fun evening out on MSC Fantasia, we suggest you hit one of the many bars and clubs on the ship. Quite a few guests onboard MSC Fantasia like to grab beers and appetizers at the Sports Bar, and then enjoy sipping drinks with names inspired by jazz music at the Manhattan Bar.


There are more activities available on MSC than many people expect, possibly because the ship is one of the smaller and more intimate vessels sailing to the Mediterranean. While you’re cruising on MSC Fantasia, you have many big-ship activities at your disposal like swimming one of four pools, attending formal nights in fancy dining rooms, doing arts and crafts with the kids, watching a movie in the 4D cinema, gambling in the Casino delle Palme, and enjoying a Broadway-style show in the 1,600-seat L’Aranguardia Theater.

To find out more about what awaits on an MSC Fantasia cruise, visit MSC’s website. You can also book a cruise directly from the website.

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