MSC Meraviglia

Everything about MSC’s Meraviglia was built to amaze. The ship’s name means “wonder,” so this should give you a clue about what MSC’s intentions were for this special luxury ocean liner. MSC Meraviglia is the largest, and the most innovative, vessel to come out of the global European cruise line. She’s a perfect ship for those who love cruising in absolute luxury and style, and she’s waiting to bring you to many amazing destinations around the world.

The Ship

MSC Meraviglia offers state-of-the-art technology, world-class amenities, and refinement in staterooms and public gathering spaces. She features many expansive area for taking in panoramic views of sea and landscapes, and she’s a pioneer when it comes to integrating all aspects of a cruise effortlessly. For instance, MSC Meraviglia features an onboard payment system via wristband that allows cruisers to simply wave their band in front of a scanner to pay for almost anything on the ship. MSC Meraviglia also allows you to geo-located your children, access your stateroom via smartphone, and take care of other necessities by using the latest technology.

The Itineraries

MSC’s design makes it possible for her to dock at practically any port in the world. She’s the first ocean liner to have three home ports, so in her inaugural summer of 2017 will be spent going back and forth between extraordinary ports in Italy, Tunisia, Spain, and France.


MSC Meraviglia offers a wonderful collection of main restaurants that serve many types of exceptional dishes. Mediterranean fare is the focus in most eateries, but you will find some outstanding international offerings in many of the casual and upscale restaurants.


While sailing on MSC Meraviglia, we suggest you hit up the bars, which are located in an enclosed promenade area that features a giant LED screen on the ceiling showing a digital sky. This space can transmit events, vistas, and even sunsets from outside into the ship for your enjoyment as you sip luscious cocktails and relax. MSC Meraviglia features a main pool deck that’s tucked away from the bustle, which is perfect when you want to escape. She offers a fitness center, spa, kids play area, live outdoor music venue, and shopping village, among other delights.

For more information about MSC Meraviglia, and to reserve a cruise, visit MSC Cruises’ website.

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