Odyssey Entertainment Cruises

Odyssey Cruises is a member of Entertainment Cruises, Inc. Entertainment Cruises, Inc. features more than 45 years in the dining and sightseeing cruises industry along with operations in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago New Jersey, New York, Norfolk, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Odyssey Cruises offers dining cruises, skyline tours, speedboat excursions, and entertainment cruises. The type of vessel for each cruise will depend on the theme.

Entertainment Cruses, Inc. has 23 vessels operating under several brands. These include Odyssey, Spirit cruises, Mystic Blue, Bateaux New York, Seadog, and Spirit Elite. As mentioned earlier, the fleet includes speedboats and large vessels such as Seadog I, II, III & IV, Spirit of Boston, Odyssey I and Spirit of Philadelphia.

Entrainment Cruises and Odyssey offer a wide variety of theme cruises – too many to name here. Guests can choose from holiday themed cruises such as Monster Bashes for Halloween or New Years Eve Fireworks Cruises. Guests can also choose a Gospel Lunch Cruise on a calm Sunday or a Jazz Cruise on a festive Friday night. To browse through each ships offerings from atmosphere and décor to dining options and entertainment, click here for details. Or, you can visit the official Odyssey Cruises website at www.entertainmentcruises.com.

Entertainment Cruises – Odyssey Cruises Contacts

Corporate Office
401 E. Illinois Street
Suite 310
Chicago, Illinois 60611
[email protected]

561 Light Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
[email protected]

200 Seaport Blvd
Suite 75
Boston, Massachusetts 02210
[email protected]

New York/New Jersey
Pier 62, Chelsea Piers
West 23rd Street
New York, New York 10011
[email protected]

109 East Main Street
Suite 500
Norfolk, Virginia 23510
[email protected]

123 Chestnut Street
Suite 402
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
[email protected]

Washington, D.C./National Harbor
Gangplank Marina
600 Water Street SW
Washington, DC 20024
[email protected]

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