Recruiter Jobs on Cruise Ships

Recruiter jobs on cruise ships are often shore jobs since they do not require personnel to be on a boat to get the job done. In fact, being land based is an advantage for individuals working as recruiters as they do not have to worry as much about time zones or ship schedules to get the initial information collecting and interviewing done.

Recruiters are responsible for posting job vacancies, reviewing applications, scheduling interviewers, verifying candidate information and conducting background checks as-needed. Recruiters are often the first line of defense for cruise ship employment as they will be responsible for the initial candidate selection narrowing process. Recruiters will also make sure applicants have completed the necessary medical examinations to make them eligible to work at seas.

Once a recruiter has narrowed down the field of potential candidates, the final interview and selection process is often passed on to the head of the department a person would be working for. For example, a recruiter may go through hundreds of applications and dozens of interviews for cruise line jobs in the hospitality sector of a cruise ship.

In doing so, the recruiter will identify potential candidates to fill roles from housekeeping to cooking to serving guests at meals. Then, these potential candidates will interview with the head of the department they are going to work in such as the Housekeeping Manager or the Head Chef and possibly with the Hospitality Director. These final interviews with the individuals they would work with on a daily basis are usually the foundation for the final decision upon whether or not someone gets hired.

Once an applicant is hired, recruiters will often arrange for any necessary courses or information sessions to help new hires prepare for their work at sea. This preparation can often be the difference between being successful while working at sea and not being success. Several courses might be offered depending on the position. Many cruise lines require the STCW – International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers course.

Cruiseline jobs are very competitive and recruiters are an important aspect to finding good candidates that will work for the company and not just view their cruise job as a vacation. Recruiters get many of the same benefits as onboard employees such as medical coverage, vacation time, discounts on cruises and discounts at port attractions, stores and restaurants.

Employment as a cruise line recruiter pays quite well and can range anywhere from $3,000 to $5,500 (US) per month with some cruise line offering percent bonuses for successful placements.

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