Salon and Spa Jobs on Cruise Ships

Salon & Spa employees on cruise ships rarely encounter grumpy clients. The passengers that visit the salon & spa on cruise ships are on vacation, they are in a good mood, and according to many salon & spa employees, they tip well too! Salon & spa employees typically work in the full facility spa on the ship. This is considered one of the hot spots onboard because it is the one place where passengers can spend the day pampering themselves without a care in the world. This is good news for aspiring stylists, spa attendants, instructos and more, because cruise lines are actively recruiting experienced individuals for these positions.

The types of positions available in the salon & spa on cruise ships include:

-Beauty Salon Manager
-Assistant Beauty Salon Manager
-Beauty Therapist
-Hair Stylist / Hairdresser
-Massage Therapist
-Nail Technician
-Aerobic & Fitness Instructor
-Alternative Instructor

Salaries vary by position as follows:

-Beauty Salon Manager – $2400-3800 U.S. per month
-Assistant Beauty Salon Manager – $2000-2900 U.S. per month
-Beauty Therapist – $2200-2900 U.S. per month
-Hair Stylist / Hairdresser – $2200-2900 U.S. per month
-Massage Therapist – $2600-3600 U.S. per month
-Acupuncturist – $2100-2900 U.S. per month
-Nail Technician – $2200-2800 U.S. per month
-Aerobic & Fitness Instructor – $1800-2200 U.S. per month
-Alternative Instructor – $1800-2200 U.S. per month

In addition to a competitive salary, salon & spa positions also offer free accommodations, health insurance, retirement and savings benefits, free meals, and free air travel to and from the ship.

In order to be considered for these positions, experience and a license and/or certification in your respective field is a must. Experience at an independent salon or spa is acceptable, but experience at a salon or spa at a hotel, resort, or other similar establishment is a plus.

To begin the application process, visit the Ships and Cruises Directory for official cruise line listings. Once you have located the cruise line you are interested in, visit the website and search around for job postings. Most cruise line websites have a career center or employment page. If the cruise line lists job openings, simply locate a job that matches your background and follow the application directions. If the cruise line does not list job openings on its website, simply send a polished cover letter and resume to the cruise lines Human Resources Department (HR). The Human Resources Department is typically located at the cruise line’s headquarters. Contact information can be found on the cruise line website under “contact us,” or other designated area. It is important to include the position you are interested in so that it can be directed to the appropriate department manager.

For more information about jobs on cruise ships visit Cruise Ship Jobs online. Here, you can download the 2010 cruise ship employment guide; you can read through cruise line profiles; you can find out which ships are hiring and for what positions — and you can even apply for a cruise ship job right online. Please note that this website charges a fee. You can apply for a job on your own, free of charge, sign up with a placement agency, or use Cruise Ship Jobs’ service.

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