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Cruise News Roundup

In this roundup of recent news, see what happens when someone on a cruise ship comes down with measles, find out how to score great deals on cruises, get a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s really like to work on a Disney Cruise Line ship, and more. Read more [...]
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Why Passengers Should Appreciate Their Cruise Line Crew

For those who are thinking about spending a year or two seeing the world from a cruise ship, you might want to think again. It is not the life that we all saw in the far from realistic “Love Boat” television show. Read more [...]

If You Love Cruises, Why Not Work on a Cruise Ship?

There is certainly something exciting and intriguing about life on a cruise ship. And for some people, it seems like the perfect career move. You get to see the world, meet interesting people and your room and board are included, so what could be better? But according to those who have made this huge leap of faith and taken a job as a crew member, it is definitely a different world and far from what cruise guests would imagine. Your Compensation As an entry-level staff member, the annual salary Read more [...]
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Which Visa Do You Need to Work on a Cruise Ship? C1 Visas, D Visas, and C1/D Visas

Depending on your nationality and the country from which a vessel operates, you will need certain visas (like a C1 visa, D visa, or a combined C1/D visa) in order to work on a cruise ship. These visas are temporary in nature and are distinct from work visas or residency permits (like B-1 visas and green cards). In this article, we focus on working on a cruise ship based in the U.S., in part because such a large percentage of cruise ships operate out of the U.S., and in part because the visas needed for employment on a U.S. cruise ship are illustrative of the types of visas you need for any sort of cruise ship employment. Read more [...]
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What Documents do you Need to Work on a Cruise Ship?

Working on a cruise ship is an extremely demanding profession, which is why some people should not work on cruise ships (and also why some people should work on cruise ships). However, even if you are the right kind of person for cruise line employment, there are some other factors to consider, like whether you are eligible to work on a cruise ship, and whether you have, or can get, the necessary documents (work permits, visas) to work on a cruise ship. Below we have compiled a guide to help you determine if you have the necessary documents for working on a cruise ship. With only a few items, you should be eligible to work on a cruise ship. Read more [...]

Cruise Ship Jobs: Who Should Not Work on a Cruise Ship?

We recently wrote an article about those who should work on a cruise ship, so it is only fitting that we write a complementary article about those who should not hold a cruise ship job. The benefits of working on a cruise ship are well-known - you get to travel while you work, you save most of the money you make because room and board on a cruise ship are covered, etc. - so many people have an interest in cruise ship jobs. But just because you are interested (or even positively attracted) to a cruise ship job doesn't mean you are well-suited for one. And so we seek to answer the following question to help guide people as they consider cruise ship employment: What are some indicators that you aren't cut out for a cruise ship job? Read more [...]