Singles Cruises: Are They Appropriate for Someone with an Open Relationship or Polyamorous Relationship Status?

Over the past few days, we’ve been closely examining who takes singles cruises. More precisely, we’ve been considering who should take a singles cruise. We’ve singled out some important attributes of singles-cruise passengers – for instance, they should be outgoing and open to new encounters – but the most important conclusion we reached is this: you should be single if you take singles cruise. If you aren’t single when you take a singles cruise, you compromise the greatest thing about singles cruises, and you also betray the trust of your partner. But in thinking about this requirement – that your relationship status should be “single” to take a singles cruise – it occurred to us that perhaps this isn’t entirely true. What if you are in an open relationship? Should those who are in open relationships go on singles cruises? This question is more difficult to answer than you might think.

First, we should state the obvious: anybody who wants to take a singles cruise can take a singles cruise. It’s not like you’re subject to a background check that determines your relationship status before you can book a singles cruise vacation. We are merely talking about, as stated above, who should take a singles cruise, and the question before us is whether someone in a open relationship should take a singles cruise.

You might think it’s obvious that people in open relationships should go on singles cruises. Indeed, they might seem particularly well-suited for singles cruises because people enter open relationships to be open to creating new romantic relationships. There is perhaps no better way to accomplish this end than by taking a singles cruise. Everyone on board is available, and they’ve decided to take a singles cruise, so they are clearly open to the prospect of new relationships.

However, this only means that taking a singles cruise is good for the person in the open relationship. What about the other passengers on board? They are under the impression that everyone on the ship is single; that is, the belief is that passengers aren’t attached to another person, and they are potentially open for a more serious relationship should that possibility arise. People in open relationships might regard themselves as “single,” but many other people won’t. If you go on a singles cruise, you may or may not be looking for a long-term partner, but you probably at least want to know if the person you are interested in on board is in a relationship (open or committed). It could be devastating to begin a relationship with someone on a singles cruise, only to find out later that they are in some type of relationship and therefore have an alliance to another person.

With this in mind, we think it is probably acceptable to go on a singles cruise if you are in an open relationship, but only if you are forthcoming about this information. If you aren’t, other passengers could be misled or hurt, and this compromises the entire atmosphere on board a singles cruise. For related coverage of single cruises, check out our articles on those who should take singles cruises and those who should not take singles cruises.

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