Spend a Leisurely Vacation in Germany on a Main River Cruise

See Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands on a Main River cruise including passage on the Rhine or Danube. Journey along the Main River and discover Germany, and then head into Belgium or the Netherlands via the Rhine or Danube River. The Main River lies entirely in Germany, and it frequently takes travelers on 5 to 30 day cruises into some absolutely beautiful territory. However the Main River is usually combined with other rivers, including the Moselle, to provide the perfect itinerary for cruising through Europe.

Popular Main River cruises often feature the Rhine and Danube as partner waterways. Together, the Main, Moselle, Rhine and Danube rivers allow for a satisfying and enjoyable, long or short, adventure on German, Dutch and Belgian waterways.

Once in a while, a river cruise line will offer a short evening or 2-day cruise entirely along the Main. But, typically itineraries that include neighboring rivers are the best ways to enjoy the sights in the area. The 327-mile long Main River, the longest river bordered completely by Germany, brings cruisers to beautiful cities along its navigable stretches between Bamberg and Mainz.

The Main River sits between the Danube and Rhine Rivers, and cruises on the Main usually don’t embark from a city along its banks. Instead, you might enjoy a cruise beginning or ending in Frankfurt, although embarkations and debarkations in Amsterdam, Budapest, Nuremburg and Vienna are more common.

Some of the prominent cities you’ll find on a Main River cruise itinerary include Frankfurt, Miltenberg, Wertheim, Wurzburg and Bamberg. As you plan for a river cruise on the Main River, consider all of your itinerary options as well as the time of year you want to travel. A wintertime Main River cruise that also includes passage on the Rhine may just let you visit some of the extraordinary Christmas markets that dot the Rhine’s banks during the holidays.

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