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Explore Miami’s Outdoor Attractions this Summer Before or After Your Miami Cruise

Miami’s cruise terminals are some of the most modern in the world, designed to quickly move passengers on and off their ships. But, don’t let the efficiently of the 7 terminals make you rush through Miami and miss all it has to offer! Read more [...]

4th of July Miami Cruises

There may still be time to get in on one of the 4th of July cruises leaving out of Miami next month. So, if you’re itching to cruise and don’t have plans for the 4th yet, check out the following excursions and inquire right away. Read more [...]
Port Miami

The Port City of Miami: Things to See and Do Before Leaving on a Cruise

Like every other port city in Florida, the state at the center of the cruise industry universe, Miami is flooded with cruise vacationers every year. Indeed, the port of Miami - simply called "Port Miami" (or as one word, "PortMiami") - bills itself as the "Cruise Capital of the World." Although not the busiest port in the United States, a title that belongs to Los Angeles, Miami is the busiest cruise port in the United States and indeed the entire world. Tens of thousands of passengers per day and millions of passengers per year pass through Port Miami, and as they wait for their cruise to depart, they'll probably want to see and do a few things around Miami. It is with these people in mind that we write this article. What can you see and do before leaving on your cruise from Miami? Read more [...]

Port of Miami Cruises

The Port of Miami is home of some of the top cruise lines in the world. These include Azamara Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity X Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Costa Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International, and Oceania Cruises. Read more [...]