Explore Miami’s Outdoor Attractions this Summer Before or After Your Miami Cruise

Miami’s cruise terminals are some of the most modern in the world, designed to quickly move passengers on and off their ships. But, don’t let the efficiently of the 7 terminals make you rush through Miami and miss all it has to offer!

Slow down and take a day before or after your Miami cruise to enjoy the city, by spending some time exploring the following outdoor sights and experiences that are especially enjoyable during summertime:

A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park and Sense of Wonder Nature Center

Doug Barnes Park has everything most people want in a park: picnic tables, a swimming pool, and a sports field. It also features a one-of-a-kind Miami attraction inside: the Sense of Wonder Nature Center.

The Sense of Wonder Nature Center is a 15-acre sanctuary that teams with birds and other wildlife. This spot is fun for kids and their parents to visit because it offers free nature programs, which provide up-close encounters with reptiles and the like.

In the Sense of Wonder Nature Center, you can go for walks, take an eco-tour, camp, and even have a birthday party.

Alice C. Wainright Park

Alice C. Wainright Park is a hidden gem in Miami. It sits tucked away on a street near Vizcaya, one that’s filled with glorious mansions. At Alice C. Wainright Park, you can admire views of the Biscayne Bay from some of the last public locations that provide this opportunity.

It’s fun to spread a blanket out near the hardwood hammocks that hang in the park and gaze off into the distance, contemplating the new construction and glimpses of Stiltsville that can be seen in the distance. Alice C. Wainright Park is a Miami Park that’s yet to be frequented by the masses – which makes it a treasure awaiting your discovery.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

You won’t find many Miami gardens that are as stunning and large as the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. This amazing space features paved pathways and sprawling gardens, as well as a free tram tour that will show you it all.

The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden boasts a 2-acre topical rainforest. It also houses a wonderful collection of tropical plants in a Windows to the Tropics conservatory (where you can see rare palms, ferns, and tropical plants year round).

A highlight of this Miami garden is the annual Mango Festival that takes place there. At this popular Miami event, visitors enjoy sampling exotic mangos, trying mango-inspired food, and buying mango trees to take back home.

Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park is a fun park in Miami to visit because it sits in the middle of the city’s Art Deco district. The park is a palm-lined oasis. It attracts all kinds of residents and tourists – including those who stroll off of the beaches or come straight from soccer games.

Flamingo Park features tons of open space, which those who tote dogs around love. Occasionally, you’ll be able to see a movie under the stars or listen to a concert in Flamingo Park.

Matheson Hammock Park

This Miami park is best known for its full-service marina. You can dock a dinghy in the tropical hammocks, take classes at the sailing school, or just appreciate the water from the park’s manmade atoll pool.

There’s a restaurant and snack stand at Matheson Hammock Park, and you’ll find plenty of space for enjoying your own homemade meal al fresco style.



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