Take a River Cruise Through Spain

Located in Western Europe, Spain is one of the world’s top vacation destinations. Its landscape and waterways provide many enchanting opportunities for exploration, including visiting historic towns and discovering lush river valleys. Spain is the third largest country in Europe, after France and Germany. It shares the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal, and its Guadiana River forms a natural border between Spain and Portugal.

Dotted along the Guadiana, you’ll find many ancient cities and fortified villages. Spain’s coast, which faces the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, offers more varied landscapes including dramatic river valleys and 5 magnificent mountain ranges.

Since Spain is one of the most culturally rich countries in Europe, travelers meet vestiges of intriguing old and new culture nearly everywhere. In Seville, the former capital of Spain, cruises on the Guadalquivir River often include evening jaunts into a place in the city for a thrilling flamenco show. In Granada, The Great Mosque of Cordoba stands as a perfect example of Spain’s occupation by the Moors.

On the Atlantic coast, one of Spain’s oldest cities, Cadiz, offers a glimpse into Baroque architecture. Barcelona, on the Mediterranean coast, features the works of Antoni Gaudi including vibrant mosaics and the famous, unfinished, cathedral.

Cruising Spain’s waterways provides spectacular opportunities to see the country – its scenery as well as its culture. Cruises on the Douro are especially wonderful and they sometimes include journeys into Portugal.

Visit Spain on a river cruise and experience a truly magical time.

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