Taking a Look at Some Stunning Ama Waterways Small Ships

Ama Waterways is an award-winning river cruise operator that provides all-encompassing cruises on luxurious small ships. These vessels take passengers into the heart of Europe, Africa, and Asia down waterways that are known for their unparalleled beauty. On an Ama Waterways cruise, you’ll spend from days to weeks discovering the world’s best places – all while living in luxury. High-end services and amenities on Ama Waterways ships equal the extravagant itineraries that are planned for travelers.

To give you an idea of what to expect on an Ama Waterways ship, we thought we’d offer a list of some of the line’s ships and little bit about them. Enjoy reading about the gorgeous spaces that will be your living, and sightseeing, quarters on an Ama Waterways cruise.


AmaBella provides the ultimate in personal luxury. This ship holds just 161 passengers and it features a great combination of design and amenities – one that’s not available on many other ships on the open ocean.


Cruise on the 146-passenger AmaCello and enjoy spacious staterooms (most with French balconies), Internet/ WiFi access, a whirlpool, and more.


AmaCerto is a 164-passenger ship that incorporates design so advanced it’s nearly unmatched in the cruising world. On this vessel, you’ll enjoy large staterooms with exclusive twin balconies, a heated pool, Internet/ WiFi, multiple dining venues, and more.


Passengers who cruise on AmaDagio travel in beautifully appointed staterooms (most with French balconies), and they have access to a whirlpool, Internet WiFi, and more.


On AmaDante, cruisers spend time on a custom-designed ship that features spacious staterooms (most with French balconies) a walking track on the Sun Deck. Sail on AmaDante and you also get to take private biking tours at stops along the river.

To view all of the ships in the Ama Waterways fleet, visit the Ama Waterways website. You can also learn about upcoming cruise itineraries on the website.


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