The Best Carry On For a Cruise or Flying

Many travelers prefer to use a backpack as their designated carry on item. Not only does it offer a great deal of space, but it can be carried in a variety of ways. Thrown over one shoulder it is easy to quickly grab and put down when boarding a plane, bus or getting into a taxi. And when it is worn over both shoulders the weight is evenly distributed and you have both hands free for safety. This is great for maneuvering in wet conditions or going up and down steps.

Great Cargo Options
A small outside pocket is a place great for items such as keys, change or other things that would normally be in your pockets but need to be removed at airport security. If possible, always try to use a backpack with the outside pocket on the back for a water bladder. This is a great place to stash an emergency change of clothes. Place shorts, shirt, and underwear in a large Ziploc bag and compress to remove the air. The bag will slip right into the pocket and will also add extra cushioning for your back. Most backpacks also offer an outside pocket for a water bottle. These must remain empty until you pass through airport security but then you can fill the bottle for free at a drinking fountain.

Precious Cargo
Many travelers don’t leave home without a tablet or computer and a good backpack is a perfect way to carry your expensive electronics in a safe manner. Inside the backpack, there is often a large pocket in the back which is large enough to accommodate most laptops. For added protection and more efficient storage, you can slide a magazine or small book that you are packing inside the pocket with the laptop or tablet. And if you are worried about moisture issues or potential rain during your trip, use a large Ziploc bag for added peace of mind. Smaller electronics such as a smartphone can be placed in a small inside pocket for extra safety and can easily be accessed after clearing security or anytime during your travels.

If you travel frequently, select a backpack that will be functional for all of your adventures. Having various inner and outer pockets can make accessing items complicated at first. But after a few trips, you will have created a routine for your packing and everything will be easily accessible and right at your fingertips.

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