The Difference Between Freedom Ship, the “City at Sea,” and Freedom of the Seas, the Royal Caribbean International Ship

The word “freedom” is used in a lot of names, including cruise ship names. This makes a certain amount of sense, as freedom is among the chief rights preserved and valued in almost all civilized societies. Why wouldn’t you want to name your company after freedom? Because the word is used so often, however, it is often hard to keep all the different “freedom” names straight. For example, you may confuse Freedom Ship, a wild ambition to build a city at sea, and Freedom of the Seas, a large cruise ship in the Royal Caribbean International fleet. Although nominally similar, Freedom Ship and Freedom of the Seas are entirely different entities. One is a cruise ship, the other a plan in the works, so Freedom Ship and Freedom of the Seas don’t even share the most basic ontological trait, namely, existence. Below is a little bit about Freedom Ship and Freedom of the Seas, which we have supplied to make the difference between the two crystal clear.

Freedom Ship is the name of a project to build a floating city. The idea is to build an enormous vessel – by far the largest of all time – that isn’t so much a ship (because it lacks a hull) as it is a “flat-bottomed barge with a conventional high-rise built on top.” The ultimate aim of the endeavor is to build a thriving city with a robust international business community, permanent residents, and a steady flow of vacationers from around the globe. Because the city is for both visitors and long-term residents, there will be facilities that cater to both. As for the former, there will be a large hotel and a casino; for the latter, there will a school and health care system. And of course there are a number of amenities for both groups, like a huge shopping mall, museums, recreational areas, and so on. As of now, though, there is not even a finalized design for the ship (or whatever it technically is). As we wrote in an article about Freedom Ship’s status, it appears that the project has stalled, and it is not clear if the ambition will ever be realized.

Freedom of the Seas, on the other hand, is cruise ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International, one of the largest cruise lines in the world. Freedom of the Seas, along with Liberty of the Seas and Independence of the Seas, belong to the Royal Caribbean’s Freedom class of vessels. These ships, sharing the same layout and size, were for a few years the largest cruise ships in the world, but this title was ceded in 2009 to two other Royal Caribbean vessels: Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas. These two vessels are now the largest cruise ships in the world. It may no longer be the largest cruise ship in the world, but it still a huge vessel packed with amenities for passengers to enjoy, including several pools, a basketball court, a climbing wall, scores of restaurants and bars, a spa, and much more.

As you can see, there is not much in common between Freedom Ship and Freedom of the Seas. However, their names are similar, and they are both gigantic seafaring vessels (one in theory, the other in actuality), and that’s clearly whence the confusion comes.

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