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New Ports for the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection in 2021

The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection has announced its 2021 sailings, which includes 50 new ports. Read more [...]

Coral Expeditions to Have New Cruises to Great Barrier Reef

Have you ever wanted to explore the Great Barrier Reef while on a cruise? If so, Coral Expeditions has you in mind. Read more [...]

Crystal Cruises Announces New Getaways for 2020

Crystal Cruises has announced ten new itineraries in 2020 for their Crystal Getaways trip option. Read more [...]

Cruise Line Profiles: Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises, while not being one of the biggest names out there, is definitely a company that those who care about luxury cruises should know about. Read more [...]

The Best Small Cruise Lines

Are you looking to ditch the crowds and take a relaxing voyage on a smaller cruise ship? Read more [...]

Scenic Shows Off New Submarine

Here's some news you don't come across every day: the luxury cruise line Scenic has given the first look at its brand new submarine. Read more [...]