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Three Luxurious Ponant Itineraries

Ponant offers some of the most luxurious cruises out there. No matter what itinerary you pick, you're bound to be impressed. They sail all over the world, including far-flung locations like the Arctic and Antarctica. If you're into expedition-style cruises on small, incredibly comfortable ships, they are the brand for you. To help inspire your spirit of adventure, here are three Ponant itineraries that belong on any traveler's bucket list. Read more [...]

What are the Best All-Inclusive Cruise Lines?

All-inclusive cruise lines are the pinnacle of simple travel. But which cruise lines can be categorized as all-inclusive? Although the phrase is tossed around a lot, the definition isn't quite clear. Does all-inclusive really include everything? What about flights? Does your booking also pay for your hotels? Do you get an unlimited amount of free food? Read more [...]

Scenic Group Preps for the Future

Scenic Group is getting ready for an exciting future in the cruise industry. Two of their cruise lines, Emerald Cruises and Scenic, are expanding their fleets. Additionally, Scenic has announced their 2023 European cruises, and there's plenty to get excited about. Both luxury lines are preparing for an increased demand in cruising in the next few years. Read more [...]
How to Find the Best Cruise Deals: Our Top 5 Tips

A Quick Guide to Cruise Ship Spas

Spas are one of the many unique amenities that many large cruise ships offer. What can you expect when visiting them? In general, you can look forward to a high quality spa experience that is very similar to what you might find on land. With that said, though, there are a few reasons why you should make visiting your ship's spa a priority even if you aren't usually a regular at your local spa. Here's a quick guide to help you learn what cruise ship spas are all about and what makes them special. Read more [...]

Three Great Memorial Day Cruise Itineraries

2022 is moving quickly. Although it might seem far off, Memorial Day really is just right around the corner. If you don't have plans already, why not consider going on a quick cruise vacation for Memorial Day? Pretty much every cruise line offers a great Memorial Day itinerary. Here's are some of our picks for the coolest 2022 Memorial Day cruises. Read more [...]

Considering an Arctic or Antarctic Cruise? Here Are the Differences Between the Two Destinations

The Arctic and Antarctica are two destinations that should be on every traveler's bucket list. Well, if you don't mind chilly weather, that is. Cruise ships offer the unique chance to visit the poles of our planet, and it's both stand as alluring destinations for the most adventurous cruise lovers. But before you go booking your dream polar expedition, you should understand that Antarctica and the Arctic are very different despite their obvious similarities. They are not interchangeable locations. So what are the major differences between these two icy regions? Read more [...]
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