Three Affordable (and Beautiful) European Cruises

We’ll come right out and say it: European cruises are underrated. There’s nothing wrong with the classic tropical destinations, but you are missing out on a whole world of cruising if you’ve never considered hopping on a ship and heading to Europe. There are thousands of beautiful areas to visit, and many European itineraries are comparable in price to the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Here are a few choice European cruises that won’t break the bank.

5-Day Belgium and Netherlands Sampler from Princess, $509

Departing October 7th, 2021, this itinerary from Princess is the perfect way to experience a part Europe that some travelers never visit. You start off in Southampton, England before visiting Brussels in the Netherlands and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. You’ll spend a day in each of those port cities before a two-day stint at sea. The price is right with this one, but if you’re looking for an itinerary of this length that will allow for more time in port cities, this may not be the one for you. If you want a bit of time to relax while enjoying some scenic sailing, however, this might be right up your alley. Check out their website for details.

5-Night France and Italy Cruise from Royal Caribbean, $362

A price like this is what you might expect to see for a two-night itinerary, but five nights of cruising around France and Italy? Yeah, sounds good to us. This cruise starts off in Barcelona and takes you to Nice, Rome, Florence, and Provence before finally depositing you back in Barcelona. You’ll have just enough time to really delve into both countries while you’re there, and you can always extend the trip a few days by adding in some time in Barcelona before or after the cruise itself. You can check out all the details over here. The two dates that are currently being offered are October 1st, 2022 and October 22nd, 2022.

7-Night Scandinavia and Russia Cruise from Royal Caribbean, $466

Another awesome itinerary from Royal Caribbean, this cruise takes you to some of the most interesting places in Europe. From a start in Denmark, you’ll visit Sweden, Estonia, Russia, and Finland. Not a bad price for a cruise that allows you to check five countries off the list! There are only two days of only cruising, meaning five of your seven days are spent fully immersing yourself in the amazing port cities. There are multiple dates for this itinerary through May and August of 2022. Check out the details and book your trip here.

If you’re someone who loves visiting new cultures and trying out unique things, you should definitely be looking out for a European cruise. All three of these itineraries make great options, so go ahead and book yours now!

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