Three Amazing Alaskan Cruise Ports

Alaska is one of the most exciting cruise destinations. On top of that, there are multiple ports in the state that each have their own unique flavors. Depending on what you’re looking for in Alaska, whether that’s a small town experience or a thrilling adventure in nature, there’s a port for you. Here are three of the coolest spots that you can stop at on an Alaskan cruise.


If you’re going to go on an Alaskan cruise, odds are you will stop in Juneau. It’s the capital of the state, and it’s located in a convenient southern location. Most ships pause there before heading further into Alaska. Despite being the capital, it’s still not a very large city: only about 32,000 people live there. Compared to a capital city like Seattle that has a population of about 700,000, Juneau is tiny. But that doesn’t mean that it has nothing to offer! There’s comfortable amenities and lots of shopping as well as hiking, kayaking, and plenty of other outdoor activities. Visitors to Juneau also frequently enjoy whale watching. All in all, Juneau has a little of everything.


If Juneau is too big for your tastes, you’ll want to make sure to visit Ketchikan. It’s much smaller than the capital with a population of about 8000. It has tons of small town charm in addition to a traditional Alaskan culture based around fishing. While Juneau is certainly a good spot for those who are interested in picking up a good souvenir, Ketchikan may be even better, as it is often cited as the best place to go shopping in all of Alaska. It is also known for its close proximity to Misty Fjords National Monument, a park which is just as beautiful as it sounds. Although it often takes a backseat to the more well-known national parks, it is as exciting as they are.

Glacier Bay National Park

Okay, we’re kind of cheating with this one, but we feel that it deserves to be included on this list. Glacier Bay isn’t really a port, and it is mainly used for scenic cruising. However, anyone visiting Alaska should make a point of visiting Glacier Bay. It’s known for massive mountains, unique wildlife, and (duh!) glaciers. It’s not the only worthy scenic cruising spot in Alaska, but it’s definitely one of the most impressive. If you’re a nature lover, this is one spot that should be on your bucket list.

Alaska is a big state with a lot to offer. Going on a cruise is one of the best ways to explore it.

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