What is Cruise Critic?

If you want to find out what’s going on in the world of cruises, visit www.cruisecritic.com. Established in 1995, Cruise Critic is owned, operated, and published by The Independent Traveler. It is one of the largest websites in existence today dedicated to cruising and even offers the most information available on some of the most specific types of cruises around such as gay cruses, soft adventure cruises, and even singles cruises, to name a few.

Cruise Critic has been recommended by the New York Times, Newsday and the Washington Post for its cruise reviews (both user and professional), and for it’s excellent cruise news section.

With an active interactive community of more than 250,000 member/critics and more than five million visitors per year, Cruise Critic is considered the world’s top online cruise resource website. While Cruise Critic has dozens of features that can help visitors do everything from plan a cruise to track trends in the cruise industry, one of its most prominent features is its combination of user cruise reviews and staff cruise reviews. In addition, Cruise Critic’s message boards are the most active in the world and:

*Cruise Critic is ranked the number one cruise information website on Hitwise.
*Cruise Critic receives more visitors than all of its competitors combined.
*Five million Cruise Critic readers are planning to take a cruise in the next 12 months.
*Share of Voice: 61% of online cruisers visit the Cruise Critic Website.
*Cruise Critic reaches more cruise vacationers than any other print or online publication.

Browse through the Cruise Critic website and you will find offerings such as:

*Annual Spring Break Guide
*Cruise Videos
*Daily polls (tracking consumer trends)
*Gift Central (a holiday oriented gift depot of unique finds for cruisers)
*Photo Essays
*Shipyard Visits
*The Hurricane Zone (chronicling storm-related information during the season)
*Virtual Cruises

Before planning a cruise, visitors can access reviews on more than 275 ships, more than 60 cruise line profiles, information about more than 200 ports of call around the world, ship ratings, cruise bargains and deals, and cruise tips. This information is available through a wide variety of Cruise Critic features including:

*Cruise Reviews
*Cruise Styles: Lifestyle and Specialty Cruising
*Feature Articles
*Find a Cruise
*First-Time Cruisers Guide
*Member Reviews
*Ports of Call Profiles and Destination Features

If you’re interested in finding out more about Cruise Critic visit the official website at www.cruisecritic.com to start cruising for valuable information and useful reviews. If you’re interested in participating in Cruise Critic message boards, simply sign up for a membership. It’s free!

Cruise Critic Facts

Cruise Critic is the most influential cruise site on the web, and an innovator of consumer-oriented cruise travel news. Cruise Critic is the only cruise web site that delivers the following:

1. A highly targeted audience of readers who are passionate about cruising
2. Authority as the market leader
3. Cruise Critic traffic has grown 350% over the last five years, attracting more monthly visitors than all of its competitors combined
4. Growth
5. Largest audience of cruisers
6. Latest trends in cruise travel
7. Strong brand loyalty among users
8. Strong emotional connection with consumers

Cruise Critic Facts by Cruisecritic.com

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