What to Know When Taking Your Camera on a Cruise Ship

If you are an avid photographer and never take a trip without your DSLR camera, then you have a good idea of what you will need and the space required to safely pack your equipment. But for those travelers who are just interested in getting a few great shots of the ship and capturing a few moments in each port, a point and shoot camera or a quality smartphone is your best choice. But either way, there are a few tips that every photographer should keep in mind when on a cruise ship.

Water is Everywhere!

Passengers on a cruise ship expect to encounter some splashing and moisture when near the pool and spa areas, but the fact is that there is water almost everywhere. From servers delivering drinks to children running with sodas, cups of water or even sticky juice drinks. So protecting your camera equipment can be a full-time job. Never set any camera equipment on a flat surface until you are certain that it is clean and dry. And your best option is to keep your camera around your neck and have the lens cap in place when not taking pictures. If you are thinking about buying a point and shoot camera for your cruise, invest a few extra dollars for a waterproof model. The cost of waterproof and water resistant cameras have dropped substantially in the last few years and the picture quality is surprisingly good.

Taking Your Camera on Excursions

Not every excursion is to a location or activity which includes water, but it is always best to be prepared. Placing your camera in a dry bag is a great way to eliminate any worry of water damaging your camera or the photos that you have already taken. You can purchase an affordable dry bag from Amazon and know that your camera is safe. In addition, you never know when you will encounter rain so your dry bag is just added insurance that your equipment and photos are well protected.

A Tip In Case You Misplace Your Camera

If you are using a point and shoot camera, it can be easy to set the camera down for a second and forget to pick it back up. And chances are, it will be gone when you remember your mistake and return to look for it. Taking a picture of a sheet of paper with your email address and home address on it is a great way to help your camera find its way back to you, in the event that it is lost. In most cases, the person who finds your camera will begin to index through the pictures. Finding a photo of a page that says “if lost please return to” can be all the motivation it takes for someone to contact you about the camera. You might also consider noting that you will send a reward to the honest person who returns your camera as a thank you.

Having the ability to take pictures during your cruise is a great way to preserve your memories and to share them with others. So take a few minutes before your cruise to be sure that you can travel with your equipment in a water-safe case or bag and that anyone who finds your camera, should it be lost, has a way to contact you to return it.

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