Two Important Tips to Know Before Your First Cruise

Most travelers are aware that the space in a cruise ship cabin is very limited. And with that in mind, most new cruisers work diligently to pack selectively in an effort to conserve space. In many cases trying to save space results in missing a few items which can have a big impact on the success or failure of your first cruise experience. Two of these critical items are a high-quality dry bag and an assortment of Ziploc-like plastic bags.

The Dry Bag

As you might have guessed, there are many wet environments on a cruise ship as well as in the ports of call. Which means that there are many opportunities for your phone, camera, tablet or other items to be damaged or ruined. Some travelers choose to purchase a waterproof case or water resistant case for their electronics but that can quickly become expensive with multiple items. And there is still the issue of a suitable bag or backpack to carry everything in. But the dry bag is a single item that can solve several of these issues. First, a dry bag is completely waterproof. There are no zippers or other areas that can leak or allow water to seep inside the bag. Second, these bags are available in a huge variety of sizes so you can select one that will hold everything that you want to keep dry. Also, the dry bag offers a long strap to make it as easy to carry as any other shoulder bag or backpack. Finally, the price of these bags can be as little as about $20 on Amazon. You will also find that many dry bags can be purchased with a special added dry pouch style phone case which keeps your phone dry but allows the touch screen function to work through the plastic case.

A dry bag is the perfect bag to take to the pool while on the cruise ship. It also is a great bag to use for shore excursions. Many tropical ports offer rafting or other water activities which could damage your phone or camera, but the dry bag will keep all of your electronics safe. It is also a great way to carry an extra shirt and shorts if you are going to try a water sport but then would like to have dry clothes for the rest of your shore excursion. Even a sudden downpour in the tropics will not soak through a true dry bag.

An Assortment of Ziploc Bags

Most people keep an assortment of Ziploc bags on hand at home because they have such a great many uses, and the same is true on a cruise. Packing liquids is always a risk, as the container can leak or be broken. But a Ziploc bag contains the mess and ensures that all of your clothes are not ruined by the time you unpack them. Sealable plastic bags are also a great way to get damp clothing home without soaking the inside of your luggage and your other clothing. Everyone wants to enjoy a last dip in the pool before the ship docks and a Ziploc bag is a great way to easily pack wet swim attire with no worries of ruining other items.

And if you have over-shopped a bit during your cruise, larger zipper bags can be used to compress clothing much like the vacuum seal storage bags that you see on television. Just fold the clothes, place them in the bag and compress the bag before sealing it. This can make getting those new purchases home much simpler. And if you bought any delicate items a single zipper bag can be used to create a safe storage container. Just place the item into the bag and then blow air into the bag before sealing it. The air creates a cushion around your mementos and lets you get them home without the worry of damaging or breaking them.

These two tips can make your cruise vacation much less stressful as you will not be worried about ruining expensive electronics or traveling with a musty suitcase of wet clothes. And at a very minimal cost and little room needed in your suitcase, these ideas are a great and affordable way to ensure you enjoy your cruise vacation.


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