World’s Largest Cruise Ships

It seems like cruise ships keep getting bigger and bigger and apparently, better and better. Some of the worlds largest cruise ships also happen to be some of the worlds most luxurious. From ice rinks and miniature golf courses to pools with waves big enough to surf, colossal luxury liners are the next, well, big thing.

Until Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas was christened in May of 2006, Queen Mary 2 held the crown for the world’s largest ship for nearly 3 years. The Queen Mary 2 is 1,132 feet long, weighs in at 151,400 gross tons, holds a whopping 3,056 (max.) passengers and this massive liner is worth an estimated $800 million. Casinos, discos, ballrooms, art galleries, bookstores, tennis, basketball courts and swimming pools galore, this huge city at sea offers an endless number of events and activities for every taste.

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Royal Caribbean is home to the vast majority of the world’s largest cruise ships—including the largest cruise ship afloat today, Freedom of the Seas. The Freedom of the Seas is 1,112 feet long, weighs in at a whopping 158,000 gross tons, accommodates 4,375 passengers and 1,365 crew members and the ship is worth an estimated $947 million. With all that space it’s no wonder the worlds largest ship has rock climbing walls, a miniature golf course, an ice skating rink, several swimming areas and surfing, a full size basketball court and a water park! Lastly, it costs around $1 million a day to operate Freedom of the Seas.

Another proud member of the Royal Caribbean family of ships and currently the third largest ship in the world is Voyager of the Seas. Voyager of the Seas has been in service since 1999 and currently accommodates 3,114 guests, weighs 137,276 gross tons and has most of the same amenities as the Freedom of the Seas such as a miniature golf course and full basketball court along with a massive 3-story main dining room and inline skating.

Royal Caribbean is the leader in producing large ships and soon, this leading cruise line will take the world’s largest ship title from its own Freedom of the Seas with the introduction of twin ships Liberty of the Seas and Independence of the Seas to be delivered in 2007 and 2008. Both vessels will weigh in at 160,000 gross tons each, but there’s no need for either to get comfortable with the worlds largest ship crown. Royal Caribbean International has also ordered an even bigger vessel called The Genesis.

The Genesis is expected to be able to carry up to 6,400 passengers and is due to sail in late 2009. This $1.24 billion vessel will weigh in at 220,000 gross tons.

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