Yoga Cruises

Yoga has become increasingly popular, as have cruise vacations, so it is not entirely surprising that there are now yoga cruises – i.e., cruises that prominently feature yoga as part of the on-board experience. Yoga cruises come in many forms, and the extent to which each of these cruises focuses on yoga varies. Some cruises are entirely about yoga, where the main point of the cruise vacation is to practice or learn about yoga. There are also health cruises that feature yoga, but not exclusively; these cruises are about health in general, and so are not, strictly speaking, yoga cruises, or at least they aren’t only yoga cruises. Finally, there are cruises that merely offer the opportunity to do yoga, and of course these aren’t only “yoga cruises” either. However, each of these types of cruises allows you to do yoga at sea, so they are worth considering if you are a fan of both yoga and cruises.

Perhaps because of a relative lack of demand, there aren’t a ton of cruises that focus exclusively on yoga, and the cruises that do focus only on yoga take place on smaller yachts (as opposed to huge cruise ships), accommodating around a couple of dozen passengers. Even though these types of cruises are all about yoga, it is not as if the passengers that participate in these vacations do nothing but yoga all day. (That’s probably not even physically possible.) Instead, yoga is integrated into a larger cruise itinerary. For example, the cruises operated by the company YogaCruises, which depart from Turkey, not only offer plenty of opportunities to do yoga on-board, but also stop at several locations around the Mediterranean Sea, giving passengers the ability to explore this region of the world as they hone their yoga skills. There is also plenty of time to lay in the sun, read a book, and relax. The same applies to the other main yoga cruise companies we found: Tui Tai Expeditions, which operates a yacht that sails around the waters of Fiji, and Maine Windjammer Cruises, which offers cruises off the coast of New England.

The cruises offered by YogaCruises, Tui Tai Expeditions, and Maine Windjammer Cruises are clearly for those who are dedicated to yoga. There are a number of other options, however, for people who merely want yoga to be one component of many of their cruise experience. For example, several yoga classes are offered by the “Holistic Holiday at Sea,” an annual health cruise that sails through the Caribbean. As it is a health cruise, yoga can be the priority of your time on-board the ship, but there are also plenty of additional fitness-centered opportunities available. To do yoga on-board a cruise ship, though, you don’t even need to take a health cruise. In an effort to offer appealing activities to all of their many passengers, all major cruise lines offer a variety of classes, including yoga classes, on-board their enormous ships.

If you are interested in yoga and cruises, you should consider blending your interests by taking a yoga cruise. While some of these cruise are all about yoga, there are plenty of other options for those who want to make yoga a part, but not the sole focus, of their cruise vacation.

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