Bucket List Cruises- Antarctica


If you are looking for a once in a lifetime cruise that is far from the normal tropical fare, then Antarctica is the place for you to explore. There are several cruise lines which have been offering this frigid but fantastic destination for several years including Ponant, Silversea and Lindblad. And 2018 marks the beginning of Scenic Cruise Lines adventures to this winter wonderland. The Scenic Eclipse is the first ultra-luxury expedition yacht to tour the area.

While in Antarctica, you will see things that you never imagined such as ice-filled channels and wildlife that most people only see on the big screen or in a zoo habitat. Exploration of these untamed areas can be from a Zodiak, kayak, helicopter or even a submarine in some cases. But regardless of the mode of transportation, you will see this amazing spectacle up close and completely untamed.

The scenery is constantly changing and providing something new to take your breath away. But the weather is equally as fickle and can also take your breath away. So in addition to all of your camera equipment, you will want to be sure to pack all the necessary gear and clothing to immerse yourself in this wondrous destination. Essentials for expeditions include a parka, but in most cases the cruise line will have these available for use. You should also consider a good pair of lined knee-high waterproof boots and a pair of waterproof pants. Staying dry is critical in this sometimes harsh environment. Also, pack a few base layers and warm socks. Layering is a great way to be able to accommodate the ever-changing weather in Antarctica. And don’t forget a warm hat, gloves and a scarf to accompany the borrowed parka. Normal cool weather attire is perfect for your time on the ship.

There are a few critical items that many first time adventurers could overlook when packing. The first is sunscreen. The reflective nature of this environment is going to greatly intensify the impact that the sun will have on your skin. Also, remember to pack some quality lip balm, preferably with added sun protection. And after a long day of exploring, you will want to have a quality lotion or skin moisturizer to help keep any exposed skin from getting burned or parched by the wind.

For a bucket list cruise that is only going to appeal to the most adventurous of travelers, Antarctica is the place to go. And with a variety of ships in the region, there is certain to be one to meet your needs and fit into any reasonable budget.

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