Acupuncturist Jobs on Cruise Ships

Acupuncturist cruise jobs are a unique position that enables individuals with alternative health care experience to take their skills and training to sea. Alternative health care has increased in popularity in recent years. With no sight in end to the increased interest, the job outlook for acupuncturists is good. More and more companies will be looking to provide this service to clients and that includes cruise lines who want to offer as much as possible to its guests.

Acupuncturist cruise ship employment falls into one of two departments on a cruise line: spa and beauty jobs or healthcare. This is because acupuncture is considered a viable alternative health care treatment for common ailments as well as a way to increase overall health, well-being and beauty for those who choose to use it on a regular basis.

Acupuncture is a great way for people to help reduce chronic pain, end unhealthy habits such as smoking, eliminate or reduce stress, and increase overall health. Acupuncturists need to be trained in order to perform their jobs correctly. There are many alternative health schools that offer acupuncture training for those who want to pursue this line of work.

As a member of the spa and beauty department, jobs on cruise ships as an acupuncturist will involve working in concert with the beauty salon manager. There is also the opportunity to work with aerobic and fitness instructors, alternative instructors who may be responsible for Yoga or Tai Chi classes, and massage therapists. All of these individuals work to help cruise guest improve their health and physical fitness.

There is also the possibility for acupuncturists to work with excursion planners and medical staff onboard the cruise lines they work for. In addition to the many individuals a cruise job offers acupuncturists to meet and work with, cruise line jobs provide a lot of additional benefits. Medical coverage, vacation and sick time are common benefits of full-time employment.

Additionally, cruiseline jobs offer employees the chance to travel and see the world with the opportunity to see exotic ports of call. Entertainment is available when not working and meals and accommodations are included as well. Discounts at onboard stores and at select stores and restaurants located at the cruise line ports of call are also common. With these benefits, jobs on cruise ships help make every dollar earned stretch even further as many day-to-day expenses are covered or non-existent.

Contracts usually run three to six months with the average pay being $2,600 to $3,600 U.S. dollars per month. Good employees can often expect the opportunity to renew contracts for the next year or the next round of cruises if they so desire.


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