Caribbean Cruises – Fun and Sunburn

A relaxing cruise in the Caribbean is the perfect way to enjoy the tropical scenery, the ocean and some much-needed downtime in the sun. But while the rest of your body is enjoying the stress-free wonders of your cruise, your skin is taking notice of your proximity to the equator and the intense sun that is beating down on you. And though most folks now understand the importance of sunscreen, what they don’t understand is how quickly it must be reapplied in a tropical climate. But following a few tips can help you to avoid your first tropical sunburn and manage any slight overexposure that might occur.
Timing Is Everything
Higher quality waterproof or “sweat proof” as some call it, sunscreens recommend applications at least every two hours. But if you are not acclimated to a tropical climate or you are in and out of the water you will need to be more diligent about applying sunscreen. If you are sitting out by the pool and ordering drinks each hour, then use that as a reminder to reapply your sunscreen. There is no such thing as too much sun protection, especially when you are enjoying the tropical sun of the Caribbean.
Spray Sunscreen Is Easy
Many travelers choose to pack the old style squeeze bottle or tube of sunscreen simply because it is a larger quantity and one bottle will last the entire trip. But a big reason it lasts is that you are not using enough or using it frequently enough. No one can apply lotion sunscreen properly to his or her own back and shoulders. And though the spray cannot offer as many applications, it will allow you to completely cover your entire body without assistance from anyone. Splurge and pack a twin pack of your favorite sunscreen in a spray can so that you will be able to enjoy your entire cruise outside in the glorious sunshine.
After A Day in the Caribbean Sun
Even though sunscreen feels like it has a high moisture content, you will find that your skin dries out a great deal when you are enjoying the sun and fun outdoors. In addition, the chemically treated pool water will also dry out your skin. There are several manufacturers of skin care products who offer an after sun product to moisturize and nourish your skin after a day in the sun. These products will work better than a standard lotion and also will not leave an oily feel which is very uncomfortable in a warm climate.
If You Over Indulge
It is very easy to overindulge on your first day or two at sea, only to find that you have a sunburn brewing. After a cool shower, it is best to apply a cooling sunburn gel. Many contain aloe for healing and menthol for a great cool feeling. This is an item that you hope to never need but should always be tucked away in your travel bag. But if you do discover you got a little too much sun when you return to your cabin, take the tube of sun gel and place it in a glass of ice to chill while you shower. After your shower, the gel will be icy cold and help to cool your skin, decrease additional heat damage and feel amazing.
Everyone can lose track of time on a cruise and end up with a nasty sunburn. But getting into a habit of liberally applying sunscreen each hour can help to avoid a miserable day or two spent indoors. And some cooling gel on your sunburn will stop the radiating heat and get you ready for your next adventure.

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