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Carnival Cruise Lines is the world’s most popular cruise line. With 23 ships, Carnival Cruise Lines has the largest fleet of the cruise lines owned by Carnival Corporation. For the purposes of this article, this means one thing: there are tons of jobs available for Carnival Cruise Lines.

Carnival Cruise Lines jobs come in various forms, which makes sense given the many different positions that cruise lines must staff. A ship with thousands of passengers needs to offer a wide array of goods and services, and offerings lots of goods and services requires lots of employees.

Carnival Cruise Lines jobs are split into two basic categories: land-based employment and on-board employment. The former category includes jobs that many wouldn’t necessarily call “cruise ship jobs” because they are performed in standard business settings, like offices (in particular, offices in Florida, where the majority of Carnival Cruise Lines’ land-based employees work). Such jobs for Carnival Cruise Lines, which can be part-time or full-time, include positions in marketing, sales, accounting, public relations, and so on. These are the jobs of any given business, so people looking for cruise ship jobs won’t necessarily seek these out, unless they are particularly taken by the business operations at Carnival Cruise Lines.

What a lot of people mean by “cruise ship jobs” are the positions that require you to sail around on an actual cruise ship, and of course, Carnival Cruise Lines has plenty of these positions available as well. In fact, there are over 100 distinct positions available on board the ships of Carnival. Obviously, we can’t cover them all, so we’ll list the broad categories instead.

Of the on-board employment opportunities, there are two main categories, the first of which is called “Hotel Operations.” Positions in this category are very people-oriented and include jobs in the ship’s restaurants, bars, clubs, and casinos. “Hotel Operations” also covers housekeeping, laundry, and guest services, as well as entertainment and photography, among several other areas – basically any position that you would find in an upscale, land-based hotel counterpart. Think ‘hotels in Vegas.’ So, bartenders, blackjack dealers, musicians, and housekeepers all work for the same division of Carnival Cruise Lines. Even so, the many different positions listed so far should give you a good idea of just how many different positions are available on cruise lines. A passenger’s vacation experience, which can last for well over a week, largely takes place on a single ship. As a result, this ship must have employees who can perform various tasks, and hence the great diversity of cruise ship jobs.

The rest of the on-board jobs offered by Carnival Cruise Lines’ falls under the category “Marine and Technical.” This category is much smaller than “Hotel Operations,” but offers plenty of employment opportunities just the same. Deck Department, which is one part of the “Marine and Technical” category, employs people who are responsible for security and deck safety (like maintaining life boats), as well as the medical staff of the ship. The captain of the vessel is also part of the Deck Department. The Engine Department is the other part of the “Marine and Technical” category; this department is responsible for operating the ships engines and maintaining the engine room.

Clearly, there is no shortage, in number or variety, of Carnival Cruise Lines jobs. You can contact Carnival about jobs here:

Carnival Cruise Lines Jobs

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