Catalina Cruises

Catalina Island Cruises

Looking for adventure off the coast of Southern California? Take a Catalina cruise and visit an island that offers hiking, dining, shopping, wildlife observing and many other wonderful things to do and see.

Catalina Island Cruises can be enjoyed on big and small ships. Visitors to California often like to board big cruise vessels and venture off to Catalina, and then head down to Baja Mexico for more fun.

California locals, on the other hand, are often drawn to the short day-trip boat excursions to the Island. They enjoy the quick ride to Catalina, followed by a day of excitement, and then the opportunity to be back home for dinner.

We’ve put together a list of some of the cruises to Catalina Island that you can enjoy, no matter where you live. You just have to get yourself to one of the ports that sets boats to sail for the Catalina Island. And then, embrace the thrill of a Catalina cruise.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines will take you on a cruise to Catalina Island so that you can experience a playground off the coast of LA that’s sometimes forgotten. Your ship will escort you 22 miles from Los Angeles to Catalina, over emerald-green waters and past sun-seeking surfers and many ocean animals.

When you take a Carnival cruise to Catalina, you travel in comfort and style. You’re situated safely on a large cruise vessel that will bring you to Catalina’s shores after you’ve enjoyed a bit of fun on the ship. Carnival’s cruises drop you off on the Avalon waterfront, where you can stay and sightsee or travel to Casino Point Marine Park for snorkeling. Some of the day adventures you’ll get to enjoy while on a Carnival Catalina cruise include kayaking in hidden beaches and swimming in secret coves.

Oceana Cruises

Oceana Cruises to Catalina start in Los Angeles and make their way to Catalina Island, before sailing off to Ensenada, Acapulco, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, and other exciting Mexican locales. Choose from a few cruise itineraries that include a day in Catalina, so that you can shop in Avalon, participate in activities like Jeep Adventures, and stroll through lush botanical gardens.

While you’re stopped in Catalina on your Oceana cruise, make sure you explore the island’s exterior and interior. The waters and lands of Catalina are magical, and they offer many ways to make memories. We suggest you visit an isolated cove or spend an hour laying out on a pristine beach. And, consider going on a glass-bottom boat ride so you can potentially view Leopard sharks and bat rays.

Princess Cruise Lines

Princess Cruise Lines is another big-ship cruise line that offers perfect trips to Catalina. Princess ships anchor in Avalon and use launches to transport passengers to their day adventures ashore.

While roaming Catalina Island as part of your Princess cruise, think about visiting the sere uplands to view buffalo or spending an hour at the historic Casino. On a Princess Cruise of Catalina Island, you’ll get to discover the island’s rich marine life, small-town atmosphere, and glorious weather that’s available nearly any time of year.

Catalina Express

Catalina Express boats are small in comparison to cruise ships, but they’re not super tiny. So, board one of them and make your way to Catalina Island, in comfort and for a great price.

Catalina Express boats leave from Catalina Landing in Downtown Long Beach and from Dana Point. They’re easily accessible from most locations in Los Angeles, and they offer a great way to experience Catalina in a day. Boats set sail at various times, but we suggest you hop on an early morning excursion so you’ll have enough time to uncover the island’s top thrills. There’s a parking lot to leave your car in before you get on the boat, and you can even book your Catalina excursions from the ports.

We hope you’ll see how easy it is to get to beautiful Catalina and start finding her many treasures. We think everyone should see this gorgeous island at least once, especially if they live in Southern California.

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