Costa Rica Travel Cruise Vacation

Costa Rica is not your typical vacation spot. In addition to powdery white sand beaches and a laid-back pace, this beautiful island paradise also offers art, culture, and cuisine you just can’t find anywhere else.

Costa Rica is located in the middle of the Western Hemisphere in the Central American isthmus between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. 10,000 different species of plants can be found throughout Costa Rica, along with 112 volcanoes, 220 species of reptiles, 850 species of birds, and towering trees that reach 150 feet into the sky. This means that during your Costa Rica travel cruise vacation, you will visit active volcanoes, explore unique landscapes, and come across mountains reaching up to 13,000 feet high. You will also soak up the sun while laying out on dreamlike beaches and swim in the sea with all types of dazzling creatures from the capuchin monkey to colorful toucans.

A Costa Rica cruise travel vacation feature shores excursions that may include hiking trips through rainforests or golfing on challenging greens. You may also go mountain biking around the countryside, surfing in spectacular waters, whitewater rafting in wild rivers, horseback riding through both challenging and not-so-challenging trails, as well as fishing, kayaking, swimming, exploring reefs, sunbathing, canoeing, snorkeling, and more.

Just about any time of the year is a good time to take a Costa Rica cruise travel vacation. The reason for this is, every month of the year offers something special in Costa Rica. Some months are excellent for surfing and fishing, while others are perfect for spotting rare creatures.

Costa Rica is a tropical country and it has only two seasons — wet and dry. The dry season occurs between late December and April, and the wet season lasts May through November, so basically the rest of the year. The highlands are cold: San José and the Central Valley (the highlands) are considered cold by Costa Rican standards, with lows averaging 60°F and highs averaging around 79°F. The Caribbean and Pacific Coasts are very hot and humid year-round – great for water sports and hanging out on the water, bad for strenuous activities.

Costa Rica cruise vacations have numerous ports of call for both small and large ships. Smaller ships lean towards ports such as San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua; Playa del Coco, Costa Rica; Quepos, Costa Rica; Drake Bay, Costa Rica; Bahia Paraiso, Curu (Reserve), Costa Rica; Tortuga Island, Costa Rica; Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica. Some of the most popular ports of call for larger ships include: Caldera, Golfito, Corcovado, Puntarenas and Quepos on the Pacific coast and Limon on the Caribbean coast.

If you are ready to begin your search for the perfect Costa Rica cruise travel vacation, first, decide whether you are interested in a big ship cruise or a small ship cruise. Once you decide, on either side, the number of options is endless. For small ship cruises, check out Windstar Cruises. Windstar Cruises offers so many Costa Rica sailings, you’ll lose count. Other popular cruise lines with a wide variety of sailings to Costa Rica include: Crystal Cruises, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Oceania Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, and P&O Cruises. You can select from 10-day cruises up to 50 days or more.

When you are ready to book, contact your favorite cruise line directly through their website. You can also contact a cruise travel specialist if you are looking for a deal. For deep discounts and cheap Costa Rica cruise travel vacations check out the websites listed below.

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