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Serving millions of people a year, Port Miami is the largest cruise port in the world, and so it should come as no surprise that there is a constant supply of Costco cruises from Miami throughout the year. Indeed, Miami is considered one of Costco’s four “homeports,” which among other things means that Costco offers a number of “featured deals” for cruises from Miami in particular. There is, in short, no dearth of Miami cruises offered by Costco, and many of them are quite cheap. To help sort them all out, and to provide you with some booking advice, we have compiled a guide to Costco cruises from Miami.

Because Miami is one of Costco’s “homeports,” there is a page on the Costco Travel website specifically dedicated to cruises from Miami, which lists the aforementioned “featured deals” that change throughout the year. (The vast majority of ports don’t have their own page of featured deals. Only New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles, Costco’s other homeports, have similar pages.) This is a good place to start your search for cruises from Miami, as you might be able to find a cruise that appeals to you at discounted price (or that comes with some extra perk, like an allotment of shipboard credit). Because of its location, a sizable percentage of cruises from Miami go to the Caribbean, and this is true of Costco’s featured deals. However, even of the “featured deals” cruises that go to the Caribbean, the itineraries vary substantially, and not every cruise goes to the Caribbean in any case. So, again, these deals are worth checking out before you do any deep searching. There is a variety of cruises to choose from, and all of them are attached to some promotional offer.

Even if one of these featured deals catches your eye, though, you should probably still see what else is available, and to do this you need to use the search tool on the Costco Travel website. Prior to performing any search, there is no way to target cruises from Miami in particular. You can only choose your destination, date of departure, cruise line, and the duration of your cruise, and this will generate a list of results consistent with your selected criteria. If you are only trying to look for cruises from Miami, you should make your initial search as broad as possible, perhaps selecting only your month of departure (the one required criterion). When you perform a broad search, you’ll be overwhelmed by search results, but you can filter your results in a number of ways, including by departure port, allowing you to see only the Costco cruises that depart from Miami. Because it is such a popular port, you will still have a lot of results to sift through, but you can further filter your results, selecting additional criteria like the destination you want to visit or the cruise line you want to sail with.

Of course, you may not want to plan your cruise on the basis of its departure port, but there can be advantages to selecting a port like Miami to sail from. First, there are lots of things to see and do in Miami, and there is also a major airport in the city, which could make it cheaper and easier to get to than other airports (assuming you need to fly to your port of departure, which is often the case). And as we have noted since the beginning, Miami handles an enormous volume of cruise traffic, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a cruise to your liking that departs from this port; in other words, leaving from Miami isn’t much of a restriction on your vacation options. So, there are good reasons to sail from Miami, and if you book your cruise through Costco, you can save a lot of money. For more general information, check out our guide and overview of Costco cruises.

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