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Costco Cruises to the Bahamas

The Bahamas are an extremely popular cruise destination thanks to their close proximity to Florida, so it should come as no surprise that there are hundreds of Costco cruises to the Bahamas every year. Some months (like the winter months) there is more traffic to the Bahamas than others, but there is never any shortage of cruises sold via Costco Travel to choose from. Below we give a brief overview of Costco’s Bahamian cruises, as well explain how to book a cruise to the Bahamas with Costco. Although more or less straightforward, finding a cruise to the Bahamas exclusively is made slightly more difficult by the fact that they are lumped in with all of Costco’s Caribbean cruises.

In our guide and overview of Costco cruises, we explained that Costco is partnered with, or has its hands in, a fairly large percentage of the total cruise industry. Thus, when you are looking for a cruise to the Bahamas using the Costco Travel website or are working with a Costco travel representative over the phone, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a vacation option to suit your needs. There are an embarrassment of riches. Almost all of the 12 cruise lines Costco works with offer cruises to the Bahamas at one point in the year, and some cruise lines sail to the Bahamas all year long. Costco cruises to the Bahamas also vary widely in duration – some are only a few days long, whereas other last for more than three weeks. (The longer cruises, as you might expect, don’t just limit themselves to the Bahamas – they tend to cover a good portion of the Caribbean.) The one limitation with Costco cruises to the Bahamas is that you’ll almost certainly have to leave from Florida, which means you’ll have to travel to Florida for your cruises, but this restriction isn’t inherent to Costco’s offerings. The vast majority of all cruises to the Bahamas sail from Florida, so if you want to take a ship there, you’ll likely have to start somewhere in Florida, whether you book through Costco or not.

Although there is an entire page dedicated to the Bahamas on the Costco Travel website, and although there is separate page for Costco’s cruises to the Caribbean, the two are combined together when you use the search tool on the website. Thus, you can’t only target the Bahamas with your searches, as the generated results will also throw in all cruises to the Caribbean. (The issue is similar to the one we covered in our article about Costco cruises to Asia. You can’t just look at cruises to Asia because they are grouped with cruises to Africa and cruises to the Middle East.) So, as you sift through the various Bahamian cruises available, you’ll also be looking at cruises to Cozumel, Labadee, and all the rest. This isn’t really a major problem, but it does make the searching process a little more cumbersome because you have to scan more results.

So, the Costco cruises to the Bahamas represent a large percentage of the total cruises to the Bahamas, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the type of Bahamian cruise you want to take. On other hand, this means you have to search through more possibilities, a problem compounded by the fact that Costco decided to lump their cruises to the Bahamas in with all their cruises to the Caribbean. It’s not a huge problem, though, so don’t let Costco’s search result organization deter you from looking at what they have to offer.

Costco Cruises to the Bahamas
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Costco Cruises to the Bahamas
A brief overview of Costco's Bahamian cruises, as well an explanation of how to book a cruise to the Bahamas with Costco.

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