Cruise Activity

Today’s cruise ships are bigger, faster and more elaborate than the cruise ships of yesterday offering more cruises to more destinations than ever before. Even more amazing is the endless amount of cruise activities offered on today’s megaships and luxury liners. Depending on the destination, length of stay and type of cruise, passengers may never have to leave the ship to enjoy activities that some ports of call may not offer.

The average passenger may be interested in one of two types of cruises: a port intensive cruise with limited ship activities or a cruise offering more time at sea with unlimited cruise activities. Cruises offering more time at sea will typically feature a cruise activity to satisfy just about any taste or desire.

Cruise activities are vast and varied which is why they are divided into many different categories such as fitness, spas, shopping, nightlife, dining, fun and games, education, “for the kids� and create your own R&R, to name a few.

Some of the world’s largest ships offer the ultimate in cruise activities designed for fun and fitness. Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas, for instance, features a rollerblade track for inline skating, basketball courts, volleyball or paddle ball in the full-length sports court and guests can also climb to 200 feet over the sea on the rock-climbing wall. The cruise activities don’t stop there, Voyager of the Seas also features miniature golf, a golf simulator, three pools, six whirlpools, and a massive jogging track. Many of the world’s top megaships may feature similar cruise activities.

Other cruise activities such as shopping in one of the cruise ships many retail shops or relaxing in a world-class spa are popular on ships in the Royal Caribbean family, but activities “for the kids� are popular on ships in the Disney Cruise Lines family and the Carnival Cruise Lines family. Carnival Cruise Lines features “Camp Carnival� where cruise activities for kids run the gamut from arts & crafts and puppet shows to ping pong, scavenger hunts and dance classes.

Depending on the cruise ship, cruise activities under the nightlife category can range from live entertainment and dance clubs to gambling in the ships casinos or dining on world class cuisine.

In some cases, passengers may be interested in leisure cruise activities with no set time or dress code. These passengers can create their own R&R by simply sunbathing on the deck, reading from a hidden deck chair, indulging in a hot tub, watching movies in their stateroom, surfing the Internet or taking a swim.

No matter what your interests, the majority of today’s cruise ships will offer an activity that will help you forget all of your troubles—if only for a little while.

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