Cruise Ship Spotlight: Celebrity Reflection

What is the best ship among the Celebrity fleet? That’s a tough question to answer. The cruise line has been around since 1988, and it now has a fleet of 14 vessels with a few more planned for the near future. Each of their ships are unique and offer different experiences, but one of our absolute favorites is Celebrity Reflection. Built in 2012, Reflection defines the Celebrity experience by offering a luxurious experience and lots of cool amenities. Here is a quick look at this world-renowned ship and some of our favorite aspects of it.

The stats

Celebrity Reflection is part of Celebrity’s Solstice (or S) class. The Solstice class is the second biggest group of ships that the cruise line has, and it also has the most options. There are five ships total in this class, with Reflection being the biggest at 125,366 tons. That also makes it the third biggest ship in Celebrity’s fleet after Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Apex. It has a max capacity of 3046 – the largest capacity of the fleet – and has a total of 17 decks. It has a max of 1271 when it comes to crew members, giving it a crew-to-passenger ratio of about 1-to-3.

Le Petit Chef

One of the undeniably amazing parts of Celebrity Reflection is the dining. It has won multiple awards for its food, and it offers many different restaurants that are bound to satisfy. But one of the most exciting parts of the entire ship is actually a piece of technology that is related to dining. We are talking about Le Petit Chef. Celebrity describes it as “augmented reality meets luxury cuisine,” and we definitely agree with that. It is essentially a virtual reality experience where a small, digital chef literally makes your food for you – or so it appears. This is something that you really need to just experience to understand, so we highly recommend checking it out if you ever get a chance!

Sky Observation Lounge

There are lots of places to unwind on the ship, and Sky Observation Lounge is one of the most popular. It is a multifaceted spot: by day, it’s a simple bar with a great ocean view. When night comes around, the Lounge comes alive with music. This is a favorite area on many Celebrity ships, but the performances on Reflection are known to be of a particularly high quality. It can’t be missed if you’re on the ship!

Celebrity Reflection is regularly hailed as one of the finest cruise ships out there. If you’re interested in checking out the itinerary options aboard the ship, you can do so here.

Cruise Ship Spotlight: Celebrity Reflection
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Cruise Ship Spotlight: Celebrity Reflection
Each of Celebrity's ships are unique and offer different experiences. But one of our absolute favorites is Celebrity Reflection.

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