Cruise West

Established more than 60 years ago, Cruise West’s main objective is not to simply offer, “cruise vacations,� but to offer “journeys of discovery.� Cruise West features a fleet of small-ships that allow passengers to get up-close and personal with nature, history and the beauty of each destination.

Cruise West founder, Chuck West, pioneered the first motorcoach line – the first chain of hotels – and the first modern small-ship cruises in Alaska. Today, Cruise West is considered North America’s leading small-ship cruise line offering cruise experiences in a wide variety of unique and exciting destinations.

Cruise West Destinations

Cruise West “journeys of discovers� may fall into one or more of the 10 Cruise West voyage styles including: adventure, culinary, cultural, exotic, expedition, historic, holiday cruises, photography cruises and wildlife & wilderness cruises.

Cruise West features the following destinations: Alaska, Costa Rica & Panama, Japan, South Pacific, California Wine Country, British Columbia, Columbia & Snake Rivers, China, Vietnam, Caribbean, Mexico’s Sea of Cortes, the South Atlantic Coast, Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Seaway, the Northeast, and the Kuril Islands.

Cruise West Fleet

Cruise West currently has nine small ships in its fleet including: Pacific Explorer (100 passengers), Spirit of ’98 (96-passengers), Spirit of Alaska (78 passengers), Spirit of Columbia (78 passengers), Spirit of Discovery (84 passengers), Spirit of Endeavour (102 passengers), Spirit of Nantucket (102 passengers), Spirit of Yorktown (138 passengers) and Spirit of Oceanus. Spirit of Oceanus is a 120-passenger, all-suite ocean-going vessel. This is the line’s flagship.

Onboard Experience

Cruise West cruise ships are very casual and the environments are very relaxed. Simply put, passengers can wear whatever they want and they don’t have to worry about formal events onboard. You won’t find elaborate casinos, rock climbing walls and gigantic video screens on any Cruise West vessel. The focus is outside where “nature provides the entertainment.�

There are many other opportunities to socialize with your fellow passengers during group excursions such as kayaking or hiking in a rain forest. Cruise West does offer delicious dining options and cocktails, so there are opportunities to unwind with a drink or dine with friends onboard as well.

Cruise West passengers may range in age from mid-30s to mid-80s, bit the average falls somewhere in between. The average Cruise West passenger is a professional, aged 50+, mostly couples.

Cruise West Pricing and Booking

Prices for Cruise West journeys vary depending on many different factors such as destination, vessel and length of voyage, to name a few. For example, a typical 9-day, 8-night Alaska voyage may cost around $4,499 per person. Keep in mind that early booking means, big savings discounts.

The cost of the cruise covers all port charges, fees, taxes and onboard services. A fuel surcharge may also be added. Alcoholic beverages are extra and on the land portions of the trip, some meals are not included.

To book a cruise with Cruise West call, 1-800-296-8993 or contact your local cruise travel specialist.

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