Everything We Know About Seabourn’s Newly Planned Ship

Early this summer, Seabourn announced that it would be selling tickets for the very first expeditions aboard their new ship, Venture. While it won’t set sail for the first time until July 2021, there is a great deal of information currently out there about the ship. The first thing to know is that it is definitely being designed as to head to some pretty exotic locations. The 25 itineraries currently planned for the ship include visits to the Arctic and Antarctic, the Amazon, South America and more. Seabourn says that the ship will stop at over 150 unique destinations throughout these trips, some of which are places not typically visited by any cruise ship out there. The voyages will last from seven to 22 days long, though there’s a unique option to string together multiple voyages to make longer trips for those itching to explore more.

In addition to the scoop on the itineraries, Seabourn has let some details on the actual design of the ship out as well. The indoor and outdoor areas are being designed by Adam D. Tihany with a focus on comfort and luxury. Multiple lounges, dining areas and spas are going to be offered, and all the different room types that Seabourn ships typically have (which, for a price, get pretty amazing) will be available on Venture. The ship even plans to feature one of the more breathtaking Seabourn mainstays: submarines. Oh, and some kayaks too, if that’s more your speed. A lot of the amenities onboard seem designed to help immerse yourself in the crazy landscapes you’ll be visiting, something that is helped even more by the fact that all suites will be ocean-front.

The newest information currently available about Venture is that Seabourn has just finished testing out the ship’s hull for icy waters. Using a model ship at a test facility, Seabourn employees effectively determined that the ship will be able to handle difficult terrain in the Arctic and Antarctica. This means that the hull conforms to PC-6 Polar Class standards and can operate in these areas in summer and autumn.

For luxury cruise fans, it’s looking like Venture will be one of the most exciting options available in the coming years. Seabourn seems to be completely focused on making sure the ship is as comfortable as possible while still being able to go to some of the most exciting places on Earth. As if that’s enough, the company is also promising a sister ship that will arrive in 2022. As more details emerge on specifics about the ship’s design, we’ll be sure to get them to you! In the meantime, there’s a plethora of beautiful ships to choose from on Seabourn’s site if you’re looking to go on one of the world’s most luxurious cruises.

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