Hurtigruten Announces Expedition Cruises for September 2020

Explorers of the world, rejoice, Hurtigruten is back with a slew of new, short expedition cruises. If you’ve been sitting at home with your wanderlust growing almost unbearable, this is the type of itinerary that you’ve been waiting for. While all of these new itineraries travel to the British Isles, each one has a unique feel to it. Offering six-day, 11-day and 21-day itineraries, there’s a great deal to choose from. Let’s check it out.

Six-day itineraries

There are a total of four six-day itineraries. The first departs on September 2nd and heads to the Isles of Scilly for a vacation that will have you, along with expert guides, visiting stunning beaches. The second itinerary departs a few days later on September 7th and has you visiting Scotland and the Isle of Man. Next up is an itinerary that departs September 12th. Among the highlights of this one is visiting St. Kilda, a Scottish archipelago that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as a stop at the biggest seabird colony in Northern Ireland. The final six-day itinerary leaves on September 17th and travels to the Isles of Scilly, much like the first six-day itinerary. However, it isn’t the exact same, as you’ll travel along the quaint River Fowley on your way.

11-day itineraries

If you’re looking for something that will offer a bit more of an in-depth experience than the six-day trips, the three 11-day itineraries that are offered might be right up your alley. They all essentially function as combinations of two of the six-day itineraries. The first departs on September 2nd and visits St. Kilda and Rathlin Island. The second departs on September 7th and visits St. Kilda and the Isle of Skye with the opportunity to sample some local seafood near the coast. The third leaves on September 12th and visits the Isles of Scilly. You’ll visit St. Kilda as well, of course, and you’ll sail along the coast of Scotland, admiring the highlands as you go.

The 21-day itinerary

There’s only one option for those looking for a long trip, and it’s the 21-day trip that departs on September 2nd. You’ll be in a new spot every single day of this one (seriously, it’s an action-packed trip), giving you a chance to really delve into the British Isles. The perfect combination of history, culture and sight-seeing, this one is sure to please anyone who is in need of some travel.

If you’re interested in visiting the British Isles ASAP, you can check out all the details of each of these itineraries on Hurtigruten’s site.

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