International Cruise Services

International Cruise Services is a job placement agency for individuals who want to find cruise line jobs. The company has worked with many people to help them through what many find to be a challenging cruise job search and application process.

Some people have questioned whether or not this particular company is a scam. Research indicates that it is not and that many people have benefited from working with the company. Unfortunately, there is a company entitled Global Cruise Shipping Services that appears to have tarnished the company’s image. The company has posted the following warning on its home page:

“Warning: We are not associated with Global Cruise Shipping Services. It appears that they are fraudulently using our mailing address and logo, and copied parts of our web site to scam individuals. If you have been contacted by the above agency, please report the fraud to”

The occurrence of online fraud is rather prevalent and it is a good sign that Cruise Services International is working to address the problem in a forward thinking and obvious manner. If you are looking for cruise ship employment, Cruise Services Intl. is a great place to start.

In addition to helping people find cruiseline jobs, the company offers a variety of resources and referrals including the connection to a two week training school designed specifically to learn the ins and outs of working on a cruise line.

This school is also a great opportunity for people to decide if a career working in jobs on cruise ships is for them. Whether the intention is to work for a couple of years, or a lifetime, having actual experience in the line of work you are pursuing as well as the experience of working on a real ship that replicates real hours and working conditions is a great step to deciding if it is worth your time to seek cruise jobs.

Cruise Services International offers advice and resources to help applicants understand the cruising industry; create resumes that will get notices; and learn recruiting tips that should help them land their dream job.

Cruise Services International is located in Canada and is fully licensed under the Employee Agency Act of Ontario, Canada. With over 20 years experience in the cruising industry, the staff has first hand knowledge of what it takes to successfully get a cruise job and keep it. There are no recruiting fees for job applicants.

Cruise Services International Contact Information
Cruise Services International
601 Dundas Street West, Box 24070
Whitby, Ontario

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