Scenic Shows Off New Submarine

Here’s some news you don’t come across every day: the luxury cruise line Scenic has given the first look at its brand new submarine. Scenic has long been known for its hands-on escorted tours that are included as part of their all-inclusive fees, but this announcement definitely takes it to the next level. While they are definitely not the first cruise line to have a submarine, it’s still a highly luxurious option that’s sure to awe even the most seasoned travelers (like, really…it’s a submarine!).

Announced back in May as the Scenic Neptune, the submarine seats six people alongside a pilot. The construction of the vessel is two acrylic pods that passengers sit in, with the pilot seated in between them. The design of the pods offers panoramic views of the ocean, something that is enhanced by the 280-degree swiveling chairs. It seems the inside was designed with utmost comfort in mind as well, as Scenic notes that there is maximal legroom, a climate controlling system and a surround sound speaker system just in case being underwater in a personal submarine starts to lose some of its excitement. It’s capable of eight voyages a day, meaning everyone on board the submarine’s ship, the Scenic Eclipse, will get their turn.

Some of the finer details about the submarine show off just how much careful thinking went into its design. The material used for the pods has the exact same refraction index as seawater, technical terminology meaning that the material you’re looking through will appear almost non-existent. While this may sound a bit spooky to some, there’s not much to worry about here. Multiple safety features exist on the submarine, including a resurfacing function if the power goes out and the ability to be towed. Scenic also took steps to ensure the process in and out of the vessel would be easy and safe for passengers. Neptune is designed to stay stable during this process, and added handles will help make sure passengers don’t slip.

The Neptune was recently taken on some of its first explorations, piloted by Remy Izendoore. These excursions went off without any problems, and the submarine is confirmed to meet all design standards needed. If you’re interested in trying out this once-in-a-lifetime experience, check out Scenic’s website for details on booking a trip aboard the Eclipse. The itineraries start at $8195 for a 9 day Icelandic cruise, but keep in mind the price accounts for all the amenities on board. Yes, that includes the submarine! Oh, and the helicopter….

Scenic Shows Off New Submarine
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Scenic Shows Off New Submarine
Here's some news you don't come across every day: the luxury cruise line Scenic has given the first look at its brand new submarine.

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