The First Ever Seven-Continent World Cruise is Going On Right Now!

While there are lots of jaw-dropping cruise itineraries out there, the first ever seven-continent world cruise courtesy of Silversea may be the most impressive. On January 6, passengers embarked from Ft. Lauderdale for a multi-month cruise that will hit every continent on our little blue Earth. The cruise is on the Silversea Silver Whisper (which, by the way, is an excellent name for a boat…nice job Silversea marketing team) and will circumnavigate the globe before docking in Amsterdam on May 25. For those who don’t feel like doing the math themselves, we’ll save you the trouble: that’s 140 days, which is 20 weeks, or a little over 4.5 months. Here’s some more numbers from the cruise: it’ll hit 32 countries and 62 total destinations, and will spend three days in the Antarctic Peninsula. We wonder if they have McDonalds in Antarctica…?

On the cruise itself, there will be plenty of exclusive events to tide over passengers from port to port. This includes a new cocktail initiative that lets guests sample the areas they are visiting through local drinks (what better way is there?). The 62 destinations are matched up with 62 different cocktails, with the company ensuring that they will help connect passengers to the ports via local ingredients. Additionally, a number of guests will be there to give lectures and presentations: John and Tracy Fleming, Michael Buerk, Bill Miller, Tony Leon, Tom Keneally, James Bradley, Mark Elovitz and Piet De Vries.

Silversea, in a move that showed off just how excited and proud they were of the unique voyage, sent several executives out to a bon voyage event before the ship set off. The president and CEO Roberto Martinoli was there, as well as a slew of other important folks from the company. Guests met up and talked with them before heading out. Martinoli was quoted as saying that “the variety of destinations discovered by our guests will showcase the authentic beauty of the world like never before. Our guests’ enthusiasm for the voyage has been reflected in the exceptionally strong booking numbers.”

We don’t blame Silversea customers for wanting in on this experience, as it is literally the first ever cruise of its kind! That’s amazing! Maybe they can send us from over here at All About Cruises and More on the next one to get some exclusive journalistic coverage? We’ll have to write Silversea about that. Either way, while this marks an exciting 2020 for the cruise line, 2021 seems just as exciting, with two more world cruises coming. If this article piqued your interest, keep an eye out for an announcement on those!

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