A Look at the Coolest New Cruise Ships Coming in 2020

In case you haven’t heard, 2020 is looking like a pretty darn exciting year for the cruise industry. Things are changing in a ton of different ways: the industry is reaching out to new countries, new ports are popping up, and companies are moving towards green initiatives. But, maybe the most exciting thing happening is all the new cruise ships coming this year. There are so many cool and innovative ships slated for 2020, and we figured the only logical thing would be to take a look at some of them and break down their new features. So, let’s get into it!

Carnival Mardi Gras

While Carnival hardly needs an introduction, its new ship Mardi Gras just might. First of all, it’s one the biggest ships of 2020 by most metrics. It’s 183,900 tons (if you can’t imagine just how big that is, take our word that it’s quite large!) and fits 5200 guests. The ship will be the debut of Carniva’s Excel Suites, which are basically the most luxurious rooms available on a Carnival ship: “dedicated, concierge phone line, priority Main Dining Room time assignments, upgraded bathroom amenities and more.” There’s also an area that’s inspired by the French Quarter, new restaurants, and…a literal rollercoaster. The rollercoaster is probably the most exciting part, and you can read our coverage of it over here (link to rollercoaster article).

American Cruise Lines Jazz

Jazz, a new ship for American Cruise Lines, will launch into the Mississippi River starting in August. It’s a modern riverboat that features “a gorgeous five-story glass atrium, private balconies in all of its spacious staterooms, and spectacular views from everywhere on the ship.” All the rooms look pretty good and can get quite spacious, but most exciting are the Grand Suites, a new room type for the company. These suites feature glass walls and wraparound private balconies, and are designed for having private parties or events back in your room. It’s built in the USA and takes a path down a historic USA river; what more do you need! (Well, probably a Grand Suite room, but let’s not get greedy here.)

Crystal Endeavor

One of the most luxurious ships arriving this year, Crystal’s Endeavor boasts a 1 to 1 guest to crew ratio (which is crazy, by the way, in a good way). It’s the luxury company’s first expedition ship, and is sending Crystal into completely new territory. All suites have balconies and there are six different restaurants to pick from, meaning you probably won’t get very bored even on long expeditions. There are eight helicopters and a freakin’ submarine, for goodness sake! Of course, there is tons to do on the ship (library, dancing, cigar lounge, etc…) if you’re not interested in all that, but the idea of taking a submarine underneath the waves in far-off, exotic places is almost too cool to even think about.

Beyond these, there’s a nearly endless list of other interesting ships launching this year, from both big and small companies. If you’re a cruise fanatic, 2020 is the year to sample some new experiences!

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