Announcing the “Make It With Michaels” Program on Carnival Cruises

What does Carnival Cruise Line have in common with the arts and crafts giant Michaels? How about a new partnership that will provide guests with the opportunity to nurture their creative side while at sea on some of the most amazing ships available. The all-new “Make It With Michaels” experience on all 26 of the Carnival cruise ships is a one of a kind partnership and feature for passengers.

Both kids and adults will have the chance to channel their inner artist while enjoying a Carnival Cruise. These projects will blend the amazing memories and experiences of a Carnival Cruise with the creativity and vision that has made Michaels THE arts and crafts retailer across the United States. And this awesome partnership is not going to be limited to the 26 Carnival ships, patrons of the 1,200 Michaels stores nation-wide will be able to take part in cruise-themed classes starting this spring.
Some of the onboard classes will help passengers to create a once in a lifetime treasure to match their once in a lifetime cruise memories. The arts and craft projects will change seasonally and will include the creation of mementos including key chains, bracelets, picture frames and more. What could be better than a custom picture frame to protect that favorite picture of you and your loved ones on your Carnival Cruise?

Carnival’s partnership with Michaels just seemed to be the perfect fit, as the cruise line was searching for new and exciting ways for parents and children to interact in a fun but also creative and mindful manner while vacationing. Of the 5.2 million passengers on Carnival each year, over 800,000 of those are children. Craft projects are perfect for these kids because they are safe and fun for kids of all ages and a great family activity that can include toddlers right up to the teens.

To kick off this new program, Carnival and Michaels are offering patrons the chance to win one of five free cruises on a Carnival ship. To enter simply click here. The drawing is limited to one entry per person, and the deadline is April 30, 2019. Just enter your name and address, and you could be one of five lucky families who are enjoying a Carnival Cruise and the “Make It With Michaels” for free this year. Leave it to the leader in arts and crafts to team up with the leader in family cruising to offer this fantastic program for the first time ever. Join Michaels and Carnival in 2019 to begin making your memories.

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