Bodrum Gokova Cruises

Whether you’re looking to spend five days, seven days, or several weeks cruising the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, there are numerous Bodrum Gokova cruise itineraries to choose from. Located on the South West coast of Turkey, Bodrum features roughly 300 days of sunshine a year making it the perfect place to explore while you are in Turkey. While bigger cruise ships do travel the coast of Turkey, the best way to pamper yourself and get up close and personal with nature is on a Bodrum Gokova cruise.

When you’re not enjoying water activities or relaxing on the deck of your ship, you will have the opportunity to visit famous fishing harbors, popular villages, and even the remains of ancient civilizations. Not to mention that Bodrum is not only a famous Turkish Holiday center, it also housed one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World — The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

Bodrum Gokova cruises are anywhere from several days up to several weeks. Many Bodrum Gokova cruise vessels (gullet or yacht) have modern amenities, and some do not. Because they are not large ships like Carnival or Royal Caribbean ships, they will have comfortable (but small quarters), with clean en-suite facilities, showers, and hot and cold water. In some cases, the yacht or gullet may not have air conditioning, but every cabin will feature a perfect view of the sea and surrounding landscapes. Keep in mind that Bodrum Gokova cruise vessels are more for nature lovers and those who love to sail than those looking for luxurious accommodations, onboard entertainment, spas, and elegant dining options.

A popular Bodrum Gokova cruise itinerary is an 8-day itinerary featuring stops on six days — everywhere from islands, bays and harbors to creeks and villages. Stops may include: Oraklar Island, Cokertme, Akbuk, Sedre, Sogut, English Harbor, and Yedi Adalar.

During your Bodrum Gokova cruise, you will spend several hours cruising daily, and the other time is spent exploring or engaging in numerous water activities. When it’s time to dine, in some cases you will eat at a large table, outdoors on deck or in the dining area of the vessel’s “main saloon.� The meals are typically Greek and Turkish-inspired, and the cook prepares them. You will also dine at restaurants on many of the islands along the way or eat in small villages on the route. Besides the cook, the other crewmembers on a Bodrum Gokova cruise include the captain and maybe 1-2 deck hands.

Prices for Bodrum Gokova cruises vary slightly depending on the type of vessel (standard, deluxe), number of guests, length of cruise, and the time of year. Prices are typically lower in May and October, and higher in July and August. June and September are slightly lower than the months of July and August.

To book a Bodrum Gokova cruise, visit Sea Gull Yacht Charters or You can also contact your local cruise travel agent.

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