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Holland America’s Koningsdam

Koningsdam is a majestic ship from Holland America that ushers in a special era of cruising. She’s a first-class vessel that allows passengers to experience luxury at every step, from inside of their accommodations and in restaurants to outdoors on the pool deck and in gathering spaces. Read more [...]

JoCo Cruise 2017

How does a seven-night cruise filled with music, comedy, and “general nerdery,” sound? Good? Great? We think it sounds amazing. If you do to, you’ll want to read up on JoCo Cruise 2017 and then reserve your space on the cruise before it’s sold out. Read more [...]
Holland America Koningsdam

Holland America’s Koningsdam

Holland America’s Koningsdam is a new class of ship. It’s a majestic vessel that ushers in a special era for the first-class cruise line. Guests sailing Koningsdam enjoy all of the nautical traditions that Holland America is known for. And, they have bar-raising, 21st-century elegance at every turn. Read more [...]

The Top Three Cruise Ships

Everyone wants to know about "the top X," where "X" can refer to just about anything. We are ceaselessly searching for the top restaurants, the top hotels, the top movies, the top books, and so on. This perhaps explains our infatuation with lists that rank the relative greatness of different things. Presumably, this fixation applies to cruise ships as well, so we've compiled a list of the top three cruise ships. (We seem similarly preoccupied with finding the "biggest X," and hence our article about the world's largest cruise ship.) Read more [...]

The Cruise Ships of Holland America Line

We recently posted an article about Holland America Line detailing some basic facts about its cruise line. However, we didn’t detail Holland America Line’s fleet of cruise ships, so in this article we take close look at Holland America Line’s fifteen cruise ships, examining their measurements and capacities, as well as the classes into which they fit. Read more [...]

Holland America Line

Holland America Line (HAL) is a company that operates cruise ships. Because it operates cruises, it is often called “Holland America Cruise Line” or “Holland America Cruise Lines,” although strictly speaking neither is accurate. It is also called “Holland American Line,” which is also incorrect. The company, which is now headquartered in Seattle, Washington, has adopted the motto “A Signature of Excellence.” Like Princess Cruises, it is owned by Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise company in the world. Read more [...]