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Royal Caribbean Plans Restart, Gets Loan

Like many of their fellow American cruise lines, Royal Caribbean has been slowly trying to create a plan to start safely cruising again. Read more [...]

Royal Caribbean’s “Cruise with Confidence” Cancellation Policy Extended Until 2022

Royal Caribbean Group's overarching cancellation policy, aptly called Cruise with Confidence, has just recently been extended. Read more [...]

More Cancellations for Cruise Lines

Several cruise lines announced major cancellations and pushed back the date they can begin sailing again. Read more [...]

Furloughs and Lay-offs in the Cruise Industry

While a lot of cruise lines have been able to avoid making drastic changes to their employment until now, it seems that the time has come for furloughs and lay-offs. Read more [...]

News from inside the Cruise Industry: Royal Caribbean Earnings, Carnival Board, and VARD’s Green Ship

There's also lots going on behind the scenes of some of the biggest companies in the industry right now. Read more [...]

Update: the Most Recent Cruise Line Cancellations

It should come as no shock that this week has brought more of the same: itinerary cancellations and extensions to operation suspensions for multiple cruise lines. Read more [...]