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Seattle is one of Costco’s “homeports,” and while the city is not in the same league as two of Costco’s other homeports, New York or Miami (in terms of cruise offerings), there are still plenty of Costco cruises from Seattle. Because of its status as a Costco homeport, Seattle is a beneficiary of the long reach of Costco Travel’s promotional efforts. Cruises from Seattle are featured prominently on the Costco Travel website, and there are also a number of featured deals for Seattle cruises. Below is a guide to Costco’s cruises from Seattle, which covers both what is available and how you can book a cruise via Costco Travel.

The best place to begin looking for cruises from Seattle is on the Costco Travel page dedicated thereto. This page lists all of Costco’s “featured deals” for cruises from Seattle, and while only five offers are available at the moment, they are worth checking out. One of these cruises might be in line with your vacation aims, and to make them even more appealing, there is some promotional offer attached to every featured deal. (For the record, booking through Costco almost always earns you some sort of free perk, or “included extra,” but the featured deals can be especially good, which is why they are worth considering.) With very few exceptions, cruises from Seattle sail to Alaska and/or Canada, so all of the featured deals are for cruises to these destinations. So, there isn’t much diversity among the featured deals, but that’s because there isn’t much diversity among the cruises that sail from Seattle in general. The city is ideally situated to offer cruises to the north, and this is exactly (and almost exclusively) what it does.

If one of the featured deals doesn’t catch your eye, or even if one does, it worth checking out of the rest of Costco’s cruises from Seattle by using the search tool on the Costco Travel website. Before zeroing in on cruises from Seattle, you need to perform a more general search, one that allows you to select more general vacation criteria like your desired cruise line and your departure month. The latter is the only required criterion, and it is advisable to only select your departure month so that you aren’t precluding any Seattle cruises from your search. After you have performed the initial search, you can filter the search results by a number of factors, like your departure port. Once you select “Seattle” as the port of disembarkation and update the results, you will be left only with cruises from Seattle. It is essential to note, however, that your departure month greatly impacts how many cruises are available. If you are searching for cruises from Seattle in July, there will be dozens of options to choose from. If you are searching in the winter (October through April, as far as the cruise world is concerned), there will be no cruises available at all. If you are booking during the fall or spring shoulder season, the results are somewhere in between, although there are generally at least a couple of dozen Seattle cruises from which to choose.

Again, Seattle is not a hub of cruise activity like Costco’s other homeports, and the cruise offerings are basically limited to trips to Alaska and Canada. However, a trip from Seattle to Alaska/Canada might be just what you are looking for, and if you are Costco member, you can get one of these cruises for a good price.

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