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The Celebrity Silhouette is popular among Costco members. It is so popular, in fact, that one of the four top-selling Costco cruises takes place on the Celebrity Silhouette. For this reason, we thought the ship deserved its own article. Below we outline the Celebrity Silhouette voyages that can be purchased through Costco, as well explain how you can book them through Costco Travel. (It is slightly less straightforward than booking cruises on some other vessels.)

The Celebrity Silhouette only offers two itineraries, at least for the foreseeable future. Both of the cruises are seven-day trips to the Caribbean that embark and disembark at Fort Lauderdale, and the cruises alternate from week to week. The top-selling cruise works its way around the Central Caribbean counterclockwise. After a day and night at sea, it arrives in Cozumel in the morning and then departs in the evening. Over the next three days, the cruise stops by Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands), Falmouth (Bahamas), and Labadee (Haiti). At each port, the cruise arrives in the morning and departs in the evening, sailing to the next destination overnight. After the stop in Haiti, the Silhouette spends a day at sea and then returns to Fort Lauderdale the following morning. Because it is a top-selling cruise, Costco has a page dedicated to this particular cruise, and you can book directly through this page. Alternatively, you can find the cruise by searching the website, a process we will explain shortly.

The other cruise offered by the Silhouette, as mentioned, also goes to the Caribbean. This cruise follows a counterclockwise loop as well, but it takes place in the Eastern Caribbean. After departing from Fort Lauderdale in the afternoon, the ship cruises through the night and the entire next day before arriving San Juan, Puerto Rico in the afternoon on the third day of the cruise. After about a six hour stay in Puerto Rico, the ship sails overnight to Basseterre, Saint Kitts, where the ship is docked for the day. The Silhouette departs in the evening and again sails through the night, arriving in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten the following morning, the fifth day of the cruise. After departing Philipsburg at about 5:00 PM, the ship spends two full days at sea before returning to Fort Lauderdale.

Both of the itineraries offered by the Celebrity Silhouette can be found using the search tool on the Costco Travel website. You simply list your desired cruise line as “Celebrity” and select the month in which you want your cruise to depart, and the appropriate results are generated. After you do this, you are able filter the results by selecting additional criteria, including the exact cruise ship with which you want to sail. However, the Celebrity Silhouette isn’t listed under the “popular ships” section of the “filter your search” box on the left side of the page. (This is somewhat strange, given that one of Costco’s top-selling cruises is offered on the Silhouette, but there you have it.) Fortunately, though, there is a small search box under the “popular ships” section that allows you to search for whatever ship you want to sail on. All you have to do is type “Celebrity Silhouette” and the search results are trimmed to only Silhouette cruises.

So, to recap, the Celebrity Silhouette offers only two cruises, and both of these are seven-day voyages to the Caribbean that begin and end in Fort Lauderdale. Either cruise is easy enough to book, but you have to know the way the search tool works in order to find the Silhouette cruises in the most efficient way possible.

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