Cruise Hawaii

More than 5.5 million visitors took an exciting trip to Hawaii in 2008. This means that thousands of tourists make their way around the Islands of Hawaii each day. While visitors to Hawaii arrive by air, land and sea, cruises to Hawaii have become the most way to explore the islands. Not only are cruises to Hawaii popular among singles and families they are also a popular choice for couples. In fact, Hawaii cruises are the number one choice for honeymoons, weddings, and anniversaries.

On a Hawaii cruise, passengers will spend anywhere from 7 days up to 21 days or more exploring the islands of Hawaii. During long days at sea, vacationers will enjoy onboard activities ranging from cultural offerings and hula lessons to culinary demonstrations highlighting Hawaiian cooking and Hawaiian music. Excursions range from historic tours, waterfall tours, and rainforest hikes to horseback riding and scuba diving.

Depending on a variety of factors such as season, cruise line, itinerary, accommodations, cruise ship and excursions, a cruise to Hawaii may cost several hundred dollars up to $1,000 or more. If you want to save on your cruise to Hawaii, there are many options available to you. Cruise lines prefer advance booking, so you may enjoy special incentives, credits, and cash back just for booking far in advance. If you’re one to procrastinate, no worries, there are benefits for you too! If a cruise isn’t completely booked several weeks or so before the departure date, prices are slashed. So, if you book last minute, you may enjoy savings up to 75 percent. Cruise lines will do anything book those last few rooms!

Other ways to cruise Hawaii on the cheap include: booking off-season, booking with a group/family, taking advantage of package deals, booking online, and booking with popular cruise lines with frequent sailings to Hawaii such as Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL), Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, and Holland America.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of tourists don’t come to Hawaii when the weather’s best in the islands — they typically come when it’s at its worst everywhere else. High season in Hawaii is typically from mid-December through March or mid-April.

The off-season features the best cruise deals and the islands are less crowded. Off-season runs spring (mid-Apr to mid-June) and fall (Sept to mid-Dec). An added bonus is, during off-season, Hawaii’s weather is at its best.

Besides special rates for groups and families, just about every cruise line has special rates for seniors. A senior is typically defined as a person who is 55 or older. In order to lock in special senior rates, you must call a cruise travel specialist or book directly with the cruise line You cannot book online. Keep in mind that proof of age is required.

For more hot deals on Hawaii cruises, visit any of the following popular discount booking search engines and websites to check out the lowest prices on cruises, to shop and compare, and you can even book your cruise online!

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