Great Cruise Industry Jobs that Don’t Need Cruise Experience

Have you ever wondered whether there are cruise industry jobs out there that don’t require a lot of experience working on a cruise? Being near the entry-level in any industry can be super intimidating, and that’s especially true for those looking to get into the cruise industry. But don’t worry: those of us who love the seven seas but don’t know how to navigate a ship are in luck. You don’t need to know the inner workings of a giant sea vessel to work on a cruise ship. You just need to know what kinds of jobs are available that suit your skills!

Recreation management

If you’re someone who loves the more exciting side of the cruise experience, this might be the perfect area to start looking for jobs in. Most major cruise ships have pretty extensive recreation areas these days, and that means that they are always looking for people to help out with recreation. The rock climbing walls always need people with climbing experience to help out the kids who wanna give it a try. The water parks always need people to help manage the slides. See where we’re going with this? The best part about these jobs is that they are super fun without requiring a wealth of nautical knowledge.


Working in the dining sector on a cruise is a pretty amazing gig. Many cruise ships these days are renowned for their great dining, and those famous seafaring restaurants need lots of people on the team to make things run smoothly. If you’re looking for a job on a cruise, try looking into dining. You could be a server, work in food prep, or even be a chef if you’ve got the skills. The only specific knowledge that you might really need is how to work with seafood, but anyone with a bit of restaurant experience shouldn’t be too intimidated by that.


If there’s one thing that every cruise ship has these days, it’s a spa. In fact, cruise ships will often have multiple spas in most cases. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people truly relax, and that feeling is only heightened when its on a cruise ship. If you like making people feel good, you should definitely look into a position at a spa or wellness center on a cruise ship.

Working on a cruise ship is something that is achievable for everyone out there that dreams of it. There are lots of other jobs that don’t require specific cruise experience, so use these ideas as a jumping off point to start your job search!

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