Group Sales Positions on Cruise Ships

Many groups take to the sea when they have a special occasion to celebrate. Weddings, retirements, reunions, graduations, and anniversaries are just some of the reasons a group of people may decide to get together and go on a cruise.

Group sales cruise line jobs are important to the success of cruise lines. These jobs go beyond helping groups’ book trips and get their air travel accommodations set before arriving. These positions have to work with groups to make sure their special occasions are remembered as that.

Among the many responsibilities of a group sales cruise job:

-Work to ensure to ensure that all members of any given group have the cabins they desire –next to other group members, when at all possible.

-Work with whoever is in charge of the group to make sure the right people are where they are supposed to be.
-Work to help the group create special excursions at the ships destination stops and while on board. This may include group seating at any entertainment offerings and group reservations for special trips when at port.

-Work to ensure the group has seating together at meal times.

-Work with on-board staff to accommodate any special requests such as a private celebration party on a special night.

Whatever the request, group sales positions go beyond just getting tickets for a group of people. Cruise ship employment in this field requires a great deal of knowledge. When parties call to get information about a cruise line they need to know a lot more than prices and discounts.

Even thought the group sales position will not be responsible for the details of all the different events a group may or may not choose to do, the individuals in these cruise jobs will need to know information about most everything available to a party.

This can be an exciting cruise job if you like working with people and helping to make special occasions happen. The commissions or bonuses might also be rather large as you are working with group sales instead of individual sales.

Jobs on cruise ships vary in their demands and this job is great because it is land based but comes with the many benefits of cruiseline jobs such as discount travel and the ability to meet people from around the world. Agents can expect to make an average of $1,600 to $2,400 U.S. per month, not including any bonuses or commissions a company might offer.

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