Desktop Publisher Jobs on Cruise Ships

Desktop publisher jobs on cruise ships are a perfect position for individuals who want many of the benefits of working on a cruise line without having to work at sea. Desktop publishers will generally find they work in the main office of a cruise line.

Desktop publishers are responsible for formatting and designing print materials such as brochures, post cards, tear sheets, point of sale displays, banners and other promotional pieces that combine text and graphics. Desktop publisher cruise jobs are sure to keep employees busy as there are many promotional materials used by cruise lines throughout the year.

In addition to promoting the cruise line and the port destination, there are many items that need to be created and produced to promote various activities to guests. Everything from shore excursion to entertainment shows and dinner times to special events need to be shared with guests in order to have a fun and exciting cruise where people show up for the various activities planned.

In addition to matching graphics with text, desktop publishers need to be able to incorporate pictures and art into the work they do. And, they need to be able to format and size the documents they work on for printing which means they need to understand the printing industry and the different methods used to take a document from computer files to an actual physical advertising document that can be shared, distributed or mailed.

Desktop publishers are sure to benefit from training in the most up-to-date computer programs designed for publishing work. There are no set educational requirements for this job but those with some education or experience are sure to get priority during the interview process than those without.

Cruise line jobs as a desktop publisher are not going to be listed on many of the cruise job websites that are popular for those looking to actually work on a cruise ship. As these are office and land based positions, applicants will need to use a recruiting service, job placement service, or visit individual cruise line websites and go to the human resource area to find out how to contact the company about land based employment opportunities.

Among the many benefits of cruise ship employment in this field are discounts on cruises for the employee and their family. Sometimes these discounts can extend to extended family and friends as well. Other benefits for full-time employees include medical, vacation and sick leave. Cruise line jobs as a desktop publisher generally pay somewhere between $2,300 to $4,000 U.S. per month.

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